10 Gadgets that Changed the World and Life

Take a look around your home office quickly. See all of that cool stuff that you can’t live without? Well almost everyone across the globe can’t live without it either and I know for a fact that I’m included. You may not own every gadget under the sun but I know that without the ones that I do have, my life just wouldn’t function. Technology in the past 50 years or so has skyrocketed to a point where technological innovations are no longer big events that people celebrate but rather, they’re expected. People expect technology to keep racing forward and without even thinking, we gobble it all up and put our dependency on these gadgets we hold in our hands. So today we’re going to take a look at some of the most important gadgets that have ever come around. Because of the recent advances in technology, the majority of these products are probably from the past 10 years, but for a few of them, we’ll go a little retro. In no particular order, here they are.

  • GPS: How would you know where your sister’s new place was without one of these? The days of paper and pencil directions are long gone and you no longer have to look out for the “third stop sign on the left” when you’re going somewhere new. From advanced military bunkers to the comfort of your new car, GPS units have become as necessary as breathing. I know for a fact that I’d get lost without mine.
  • iPod: No list about gadgets that changed the world would be complete without a mention of the Apple iPod. Never before has a device changed the media landscape that we know it like the Apple iPod did. Everyone and their mother owns one now and the term “iPod” has made it into modern vocabulary as a word to describe almost any portable MP3 player. Love them or hate them, they changed the way you and I listen to music by cramming our paltry CD cabinets into a few gigabytes of space in our pocket.
  • Sony Walkman: You remember those days. You got onto the bus with your headphones on and a cassette collection in your back pocket. Looking back on those days brings some laughs but the mere idea of having portable music baffled that generation. Sure, now we can look back and say that we were on the right track and the old folks just didn’t get us. We wanted music EVERYWHERE. Things have changed since then but it could be fair to argue that without the Walkman, there would be no iPod.
  • Email: This one technically isn’t a gadget but it would be foolish not to mention it. How often do you check your email every day? If you’re on the up and up with the online community or have Internet business to take care of, you probably have your email client open 24/7. Now think back 5 years, would your answer have been the same? Email has just become a part of life as we know it and if we were still using snail mail to communicate, things would be unfathomably different.
  • Blackberry: Just like the iPod, the Blackberry came along and did things that people didn’t even realize they needed. I figured I’d throw this one in the list right after email because the two go hand in hand. Not only did email come along and make sure we were sending messages back and forth to people across the globe, the Blackberry enabled us to do it ANYWHERE. No place on the globe became too remote to communicate with another human. We were truly connected.
  • Cellular Phones: It may be kind of sad that some of the newer generation don’t even remember a time when cellular phones weren’t in existence. We’ve become so dependent on them that as soon as they’re gone, we’re lost. Almost every problem that arises when you’re out an about can be solved by whipping out a small box from your pocket and dialing a number. Payphones were supposed to revolutionize and make this concept a reality but it wasn’t until phone became portable that people started to take notice.
  • Portable Video Cameras: I’m sure you’ve heard of a little site called YouTube. Well without the advent of reasonably sized video cameras, all of your friends’ videos would never have made it online. Not that the content is always worthwhile but still, we take video on demand for granted. Thank the video camera to remember the times you can’t!
  • Digital Cameras: To go along with video cameras, I’ll throw in digital cameras. Photo sharing sites have become the place to dump all of your digital photos. Photos used to just be for those that could afford proper cameras and the components to develop the film. Now, everyone is an artist and no matter the day or place, you’re bound to see at least one camera go off. Memories and the digital landscape have melded together to become one giant photo album that all of us are a part of.
  • Texting: Yet another “gadget” that isn’t really a physical thing but rather an idea. Sure, you probably get annoyed, like me, at the 12 year old girls that walk around with their heads hung low, bumping into everything because they’re texting. But, it’s the easiest and most efficient way to communicate these days.
  • Personal Computer: Last but not least is the personal computer. We could ramble for hours about how the PC revolutionized the world. With it, everything in our digital world is possible, and without it, the world collapses. Who knows, maybe something will replace it one day, but for now, at least one computer in every home is the way things are and thankfully for the other technologies, they need to stay there.
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18 comments on “10 Gadgets that Changed the World and Life
  1. Ramkumar says:

    iPod and PC has a vital influence on people more than the rest of the products., Sms – Thanks to SMS ,it allowed to redirect from listening to boring lectures and chat with girls 🙂
    .-= Ramkumar´s last blog ..Social Bookmarking – Instant Traffic =-.

  2. blinkky says:

    I think email really change the world… =)

  3. Bangaloreloka says:

    How about the mixi grinder 😀 Without that there would be no tasty coconut chutney for dosa’s and it has certainly changed our lives in South India.. lol 😀 j/k..

    As you have mentioned Email, I guess you are including Internet too; because, for me, internet is the best gadget next to cell phones 🙂 m/

    Need to get an Apple product and blackberry 🙂
    .-= Bangaloreloka´s last blog ..www.GaneshaSpeaks.com? Bejan Daruwala Astrology Website =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      personally, i was in two minds about email, its not a gadget after all… never mind!
      Yep, i need to get some apple products myself, lol i keep blogging about them but don’t end up buying 😛

  4. provamsi @ india365 says:

    I was wondering if you missed something, but u didn’t. Mobile phones with internet connection and ipod would do every thing for most of the folks.
    .-= provamsi @ india365´s last blog ..A Pretty Girl With a Very Cute Smile =-.

  5. Chethan says:

    Cellphones! it changed everything and everything!
    nice article
    .-= Chethan´s last blog ..Chevrolet Beat TV Ad. Beat in India, The Car of Year 2010 =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      absolutely Chethan, i remember when i was in school, cellphones was way out of our reach, it was too expensive, and suddenly it became cheap that anybody can afford it and it really brought in a revolution,

  6. Tycoon Blogger says:

    Classic post. I almost completely forgot about Sony Walkmans. I have a 10 year old and a 6 year old an I bet they have no idea what a walkman is. I will have to ask them in the morning. In about 6 months you will have to update this to include the Apple tablet…
    .-= Tycoon Blogger ´s last blog ..10 ways to know your blogging status is rising =-.

  7. Pubudu Kodikara says:

    Great list bro… my favorite is the PC… my mutual friend… i can’t imagine a life without it 😛
    PS : don’t forget the laptop bro…. 😀
    .-= Pubudu Kodikara´s last blog ..Give a New Look to Your Ubuntu Desktop with Conky =-.

  8. daniel says:

    Has to be the Apple iPod for greatest gadget!

  9. Carl says:

    Definately agree with daniel the iPod is the best gadget, but Cellular Phones have most of them all in one!
    -Video Camera
    But i am so glad they were all invented!

  10. Bex says:

    Nice list and I have to agree with all of them. While I’m still quite young (:P), I do remember times without mobile phones. I also remember when phones couldnt text :O. I should know, I had one and begged and begged for a digital phone instead of an analogue one…when I was 12 actually :s so I could text me mates from school, who constantly told me they’d texted and I hadn’t replied.

    I also check my email all the time. I’ve just changed to a netbook though so i havent got my client set up yet but, it’s on my phone for me to check, even in the middle of the night. 5 years ago, I..i checked my email alot and had it set up on my phone lol, but now I have several addresses for different things and constantly checking them.. Never anything I need to read but, ah well.

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