10 Online Services to Manage Your Project

Project management requires the ability to balance a combination of unrelated factors. One set of subcontractors needs to create great CSS. Another set needs to fashion the content for the site. Still another has to start the offline marketing. The best project managers rely on these applications to keep it all straight.

1. Basecamp

  • $24 monthly: 5GB, 15 projects, unlimited users
  • $99 monthly: 30GB, 100 projects, unlimited users

The easy to use dashboard makes Basecamp one of the most popular project management applications. Communicate with every member of your team, create milestones and receive up to the minute progress with this full featured program.

2. Teambox

  • $12 monthly: 200MB, 6 projects, unlimited users
  • $99 monthly: 250GB, unlimited projects, unlimited users

Use to-do lists and converse with other members of your team with Teambox. The interface makes it simple to collaborate with teammates and streamline your projects for fast completion.

3. Redmine

  • Free: unlimited projects, unlimited users

Redmine is a free, open source project management option which contains a personal wiki, custom field creation and Subversion support. You can track your time, invoice your customers and receive email notifications directly through the Redmine system.

4. Active Collab

  • $99 yearly: unlimited projects, unlimited users
  • $199 yearly: unlimited projects, unlimited users

Track your progress and communication with ActiveCollab. Plan your tasks and receive emailed notifications of new activity. You can save time by rescheduling recurring milestones.

5. Unfuddle

  • Free: 200MB storage, 1 active project, 2 users
  • $49 monthly: 4GB storage, 20 active projects, unlimited Users

Set milestones, create messages and universally store code with Unfuddle. Write notes to track the development of your software. This program is primarily focused on software development.

6. Assembla

  • Free 30 day trial on all services
  • $24 monthly: 2GB, 1 project, 40 users
  • $99 monthly: 20GB, 20 projects, unlimited users

Develop an expansive cross-referenced library with other team members, collaborate with the use of message boards and drench yourself in the continuous activity stream with Assembla. This program is enhanced by Subversion and Git capability.

7. Feng Office

  • Free 30 day trial on all services
  • $10 monthly: 300MB, 1 user
  • $68 monthly: 3GB, 10 users
  • $299 monthly: 20GB, 40 users

Keep your projects on time and under budget with Feng Office sky. Email your clients and perform time tracking with the easily used interface. All of your information can be found on the dashboard.

8. Go Plan

  • Free 30 day trial on all services
  • $10 monthly: 10GB storage, 15 active projects, 5 users
  • $80 monthly: unlimited storage, unlimited projects, unlimited users

Create milestones, track pending projects, receive status updates and track your time. You can create and manage tasks and subtasks, as well as assign work to others for completion.

9. My Intervals

  • Free 30 day trial on all services
  • $20 monthly: 2GB storage, 15 active projects, unlimited users
  • $100 monthly: 15GB storage, 100 active projects, unlimited users

My Intervals is closely focused on invoicing and billable hours, making this perfect for freelancers. Receive your checks quickly with faster billing cycles. This application can be utilized with your mobile phone for easy web tracking.

10. Lighthouse

  • $25 monthly: 2GB, 10 projects, 15 users
  • $100 monthly: 50GB, unlimited projects, unlimited users

Search through your database and create your own milestones with Lighthouse’s easy to use dashboard. This application can be integrated with Hoptoad, Github and Exceptional.

Project managers who are responsible for many projects often turn to project management software to keep everything in order. They can track each individual facet, send email to each team member and create milestones so everyone working on the project is on the same page. Look into getting one of these applications.

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  1. TecRux says:

    How about some free services for the likes of me 🙂

  2. Katya says:

    Great tips, will certainly check each and every one out and since “wave” is nearing its end teambox might be a good idea for me

  3. TechChunks says:

    I had used Lighthouse 4 years back and they had some promising features. Then I changed my organization and had almost forgotten about them until I read this post 🙂

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