14 Powerful Tips for Searching With Google

Searching Google has become part of the daily routine. You might have been asked to look up stock quotes, your friend wants you to take a look at a book or maybe you’re interested in taking a round the world trip. Here are some powerful tips to get the most out of Google.

1. Be Specific

Use quotation marks around your search phrase to find specific terms. For example: “Patience is a virtue” will offer results based on that quote. You receive different search results if you use the term without quotation marks.

2. Search a Site

Search through a specific site by using site:www.yoursitehere.com. Here’s an example: “search results” site:www.google.com. That will give you over sixty thousand references to the phrase search results.

3. Calculate

Google has a built in calculator. You can put your calculation into the search bar using standard operators like * + – / and ^ to get your results. This function is useful when the calculator application on your computer isn’t handy.

4. Currency Conversion

You can find out how many yen are in a dollar by typing 500 yen in dollars in the search bar. The answer will show up underneath your search term while you are typing the question.

5. OR…

Use OR expressions in Google. If you want one thing or another, just type the two terms separated by OR. OR must be typed in capital letters.

6. Combining searches

If you need to use AND and OR, you can use parentheses to signify that. For example, you can type in ‘earth (wind OR fire)’ to get different results than if you had typed in earth wind and fire. If there are no operators between the words, AND is assumed.

7. Subtracting Words

If your subject can bring up two completely different categories of results and you want to filter them, use the – sign. Example: earth -wind to get all of the responses which have earth and NOT wind.

8. Ranges

Search within a specific range of numbers by using the ‘…’ between the two. For that around the world trip that you’ve been thinking about taking, type round the world $1500..$2000 for everything in that range.

9. Stocks

Find out the prices of your favorite stocks by typing in its ticker symbol in the search line. Your stock chart will show up in the results.

10. Linked Sites

Discover which sites are linked to your site through Google by typing link:. Example: link:www.google.com will yield around 23,000 results.

11. Synonyms

If you want to search for terms which have many synonyms, use the ~ key right beside your search term. ~Best websites will yield not only the best websites but the top websites.

12. Search in the URL

You can find out if certain words are specifically in the URL of a site. If you wanted to find just the sites with ‘bears’ in the URL, use inurl:bears and you will be shown all of the pages with the word bears somewhere in the URL.

13. Timing is Everything

You can find out the time in a certain place by typing time in the search line. If you were interested in Australian time, type time Sydney in the search bar and see your results come up instantly.

14. Let’s Talk About the Weather

You can get the weather report of your local city by typing in weather and your zip code or weather and the name of the city. Example: weather Sydney would give you an idea of what the weather is like in Sydney.

Google does a lot more than the simple search. You can find links and synonyms. You can do currency and measurement conversions. There is almost no limit to the searches Google will conduct.

James Adams is a guest writer who works at an online ink supplies store based in the UK where he reports on new launches and the latest developments in tech, reviews products such as the T0715 and, when time permits, writes and edits posts for their design blog, the Creative Cloud.

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