2008 – A Look Back into The Year

2008 was the year when I started to shape up my online business. I entered into online business in the late 2004, but due to my slow and lazy nature I was unable to achieve much success, also collage and education was a big distraction

In the late 2006 or early 07 I had started many projects, some of them were successful and some not. In the end of 2007 I made some solid resolution, dropped collage, left parties and long drives, focused on work and worked as per plans. Here’s a list of things I did in the early 2008.

  • I sold out a lot of projects that ware against my ethics or were not making enough money. The selling price was from $50 to $1000 depending upon the value of the project. I kept the good ones, and started working on them. Added content, promoted them well, did basic SEO and left them to age.

  • Once I got rid of stuffs that I did not want to have, it became easy for me to focus on the rest of my business. Then I made some new plans, and started some good websites based on my research. These sites were on researched niches with keyword targeted domains and content. I used the money that I got from selling old sites to buy quality content for my new sites. All this was done in late 2007 or early 2008, so when 2008 was on, I already had a strong platform.

  • I started providing services to my clients, and worked hard for them. I only have a small group of client with whom I work. Also did some affiliate stuff in that period which made me earn more money. Thus my income got diversified. I got success with adsense, chitika, kontera, infolinks, and a lot of other PPC networks. However kontera was paying way less than the rest, so I removed it and placed infolinks in its place. This was against kontera TOS and they banned me, but they sent my pending payment, so I don’t have much anger against them.

my picture with a check

my picture with a check

My target was to earn $1000 a month in 2008, which I achieved in mid 2008 and also ended up making $1800 in the best of the months. Then came the fall. The economy crashed. My earnings were back to $500 from where I had started this year. I do not worry about things, which are beyond my control. I will stick to my plans and targets. Here are a few things that I target in 2009.

  • I will work on my sites and make them popular. I already have the base, 3 of my blogs including this one is established. I have a fourth site getting ready, also have a bunch of niche sites which are also doing fine. I will mainly focus on the content. More articles and more keyword research. My basic SEO is all about building natural links with the help of quality articles.

  • Alexa ranks: All three of my blogs are nearing the 100k Alexa, and I will achieve that in early 2009. Till the end of 2009, I will have a 50k or lower Alexa for all 4 sites of mine.

  • Traffic: So far I do not have a site that has 1000+ uniques a day, and I hope to achieve this target in the mid 2009 for my two blogs. This blog will however take a little longer to achieve that target.

  • Earnings: Am not looking to monetize my websites till the end of the 2009. Money is not my priority at the moment. Those sites that are making money will stay as they are, and for the rest I will only focus on building reader base and quality traffic.

Tech nascent has been one of those blogs of mine that I did not care much in 2008. I will change that in 2009. Here are some specific plans for Tech Nascent for 2009:

  1. Content – I will add 5 quality articles a week, which will include a featured article.
  2. More Rss subscribers – This is a priority thing; however I don’t want to go into numbers at this point.
  3. Traffic – In the next 30 days, I will reach the 100 unique visitors a day mark. I will do achieve this target with my content plan.
  4. More comments – I will comment on a lot of blogs, commenting is not only about blog visibility and links, it is also a good way to keep yourself busy with the blogosphere, also I get to learn a lot from reading from those blog posts.
  5. Alexa – currently around 300k which dosenot make me much proud. In the next 3 months I will take this blog under 100k Alexa and till the end of the year I will try to reach 50k Alexa.
  6. Not much, just the basic ones. I have some plans to build powerful profiles in the niche social bookmarking sites, I have already started the process.
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5 comments on “2008 – A Look Back into The Year
  1. Shaan says:

    Hope that you will achieve your goals this year. . . . . Happy New Year Bro

  2. admin says:

    happy new year shaan,

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  4. Rajesh Kanuri says:

    I think most of your goals were achieved this year.. I am looking for SEO customizations for my blog.. Could you help with that.. 🙂
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri´s last blog ..By: Rajesh Kanuri =-.

  5. how to make money online says:

    So would you say that Chitika is the best second choice if you don’t want to use Adsense on a certain site? Or is there something better?

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