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How to Transfer Web Hosting of a Pligg Website

how to transfer web hosting of a pligg website, how to do sql backup and database restore of a pligg installation

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10 Tools to Check For Plagiarism

is someone copying your articles, someone running away with your hard earned content, both text and images, then this article with reviews of 10 plagiarism checking tools is just the right thing for you

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Reasons why Hostgator is the Best Web Hosting Company

I have been a webmaster for the past 6+ years and in this journey I have changed my webhost multiple times. Some were slow and unprofessional; others had some other issues like poor communication or customer service. Over all, after

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Summers are on – Where is Uttoran Sen?

I remember a similar kind of article I wrote a year or so back. Looks like am developing a habit of taking a summer vacation 😛 Firstly, am sorry for not updating this blog for so long and I must

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