3 Tips to Remove Duplicate Content Issues from WordPress Blog

These are pretty much basic methods to remove duplicate content issues with your self-hosted WordPress blog but lately I have found these issues with many blogs that I frequently visit so decided to make this post. We fear of duplicate content that is present in multiple places on the web, but this kind of duplicate content that is unique but available in multiple places on your own blog is much more damaging. So, here I present 3 basic methods to remove the duplicate content issues from your blog and make sure the full content is only available on your blog post page.

Summary option for feeds

Summary option for feeds

Feed – feed is a great help for a blog, but if not properly used it can spread duplicate content at a very fast rate, to prevent that from happening – login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to the settings, in the settings click on the reading options. There you will find an option saying, “For each article in a feed, show” select summary. Otherwise your entire article, “as is” will be available on the feeds.

comment page 1

comment page 1

Comment-page-1 – Breaking comments into pages is a very bad idea because it can cause serious duplicate content issues. Unfortunately, even if you do not have enough comments to go to the next page, you will still have the comment-page-1 thing just because that option is enabled. So go to settings and next to discussions and un-check the option that says – “Break comments into pages”. This option must be disabled for good.

read more tags

read more tags

Read More option in archives, tags and categories – I have seen some blogs that have their full post pages in their archives, tags, categories and other such places. This will cause duplicate content issues, to sort it, just open your post in edit and go to the code window and add a ‘read more’ option in your code after the first few sentences. The sentences before that code will be visible in the tags, categories etc.

These simple but effective techniques will prevent the duplicate content issues on your blog and make your blog more search engine friendly.

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29 comments on “3 Tips to Remove Duplicate Content Issues from WordPress Blog
  1. Dana @ Online Knowledge says:

    I think the full feed is not so harm. Many blogger use that and they still have high rank blog.
    .-= Dana @ Online Knowledge´s last blog ..Create Contact Form for WordPress Blog =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      its still duplicate content, and think it in this way, if you provide everything on the feed, why would your readers come to your blog… they would just read it in the emails or their feed readers.

      • Tinh says:

        It can be biased for the feed tip as subscribers can unsubscribe like me as i use feed reader to read most of the blog and whenever I think my comments should be contributed, i should get to blog post. Further, you will loosr mobile users too.

        • Tech Nascent says:

          that’s an interesting thought tinh, i have surely not considered the mobile users… but am sure most of the feed readers actually visit the blog if the snippet is good 🙂

  2. element321 says:

    For Tip 3, would you recommend using the ‘more’ tag even on short blog posts? Small posts, that might be about 5-6 sentences long.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi element321, welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comments,

      not really, i always like to keep atleast 4 to 6 lines before the more tags, so it will be useless on very short posts.

  3. Blogging Tips says:

    Comment-page-1 issue is really very bad. wordpress need to remove this.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi blogging tips,
      welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comments,

      you are right, the comment-page-1 is a big flaw in the wordpress cms that needs to be removed big time…

  4. John Samuel says:

    This was really helpful post. I was using full text for one of my other blog. I have changed the two settings mentioned here. I will take care of the third tip in my future posts
    .-= John Samuel´s last blog ..Blog Or Browse: Daily Dose of Blogging and Browsing Tips =-.

  5. RahulBuzz says:

    Nice i will check this. What if we post same post in two categories? This may cause duplicate content issue?
    .-= RahulBuzz´s last blog ..Lava Mobile Phones Dual Sim, Features And Price =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      i haven’t done it, but i don’t see any big problem in that, i mean we already use multiple tags for a post… so multiple categories should be ok too. tags, archives and categories all link to the permalink, which is the post url, so it should be fine. Though not recommended, specially on a regular basis.

    • Andrea Hill says:

      This was my question as well! I use my categories in my permalinks so that the related keywords are in there, but this results in duplicate content.

      i.e. http://www.afhill.com/blog/interactive/social-networks-too-much-drama/ and http://www.afhill.com/blog/social-media/social-networks-too-much-drama/
      .-= Andrea Hill´s last blog ..Career Advancement Core Conversation at SxSW =-.

      • Tech Nascent says:

        hi Andrea Hill,
        welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comments,

        no, keeping category or tags in the post page permalink won’t result in the duplicate content…

        however, i do not recommend doing so due to other reasons, it makes the url longer and sometimes a little unrelated too because a category might sometimes seems a little wide spectrum for a specific post unless you have plenty of categories so that its strictly related to the url of your post…

        but the last thing i would suggest is to change it now, that would create a loss of traffic, backlinks and everything, don’t change your permalinks, let it stay as it is,

  6. Sire says:

    I don’t mind the full feed, and if you make your post interesting enough they will come to your blog to leave a comment. The negative side of a partial feed is that they don’t find it interesting enough to read the rest of the post.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Update On Probloggers And Commenting =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Sire,
      well the main problem of the full feed display is the duplicate content issue, people use feed pages, homepages and many such stuffs where they add your feed, some even run feed scrapper blogs… i mean if your feed is indexed in more than one place on the net, it will surely create duplicate content problem…

  7. George Serradinho says:

    Nice tips you mentioned. At this stage, I’m showing my full feeds and have been doing this for sometime now. I tried summary for feeds and the repsonse was terrible.

    I also don’t break my comments up into pages, that would just peeee the visitor and myself off.
    .-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Tips For Creating First Post With WordPress Thesis Theme =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi George Serradinho,
      you should obviously do what works best for you, and if using the feed summery dosenot works good for you then you should show the full feed. however, do consider what i told to sire above, a full feed will spread your full content over the net and it will be indexed by search engines on more than one place…

  8. Blog Handbook says:

    I believe that having duplicate content within your site is not as bad a thing as having duplicate content under different domains. It is pretty normal that in blog sites you have duplicate content.
    .-= Blog Handbook´s last blog ..The Silver Bullet for Blogging Success =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Blog Handbook, welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comments,

      i was not really comparing onsite duplicate content vs. duplicate content on multiple domains, and these 3 steps aren’t much complex either, its not hard to implement 🙂

  9. Charles says:

    This was good I didn’t even no that but I wanted to know how you put the content into a summary. Thanks man I will revisit this blog, I got to apply this to my blog right now.
    .-= Charles´s last blog ..Seo Off Page Optimization – Increase Page Rank =-.

  10. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says:

    i think excerpts work better than using more tags..
    .-= Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats´s last blog ..5 Important SEO Customizations You Need To Do For Your WordPress Blog =-.

  11. Virtual Treasure says:

    This post is very useful, I have more than 100 duplicate comment issues. (google webmaster)

    How if we have more than 50 comments or more? and “Break comments into pages” disabled? comments will be very long 🙁
    .-= Virtual Treasure´s last blog ..Cara Download Video di Youtube =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Virtual Treasure,
      welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comments,

      surely the page will be big and will scroll a lot to the bottom, but i would just let that happen. On the plus side your blog will look a lot more active, commentators will quickly refer to other comments and might reply to other comments too…

      and i have seen pages with 200+ comments that loads in under a few seconds, so don’t worry about long pages.

      • Virtual Treasure says:

        to solve this problem (duplicate comments page), I tried to change the robots.txt (from virtual to real robots.txt ,see google sitemap generator plugin) and add text like this:

        User-agent: *
        Disallow: /

        Disallow: /*/comment-page-*

        Unfortunately, comments page will not indexed, but at least I’ve solved this problem. Zero duplicate comments 🙂
        .-= Virtual Treasure´s last blog ..Cara Download Video di Youtube =-.

        • Tech Nascent says:

          humm… i guess that way you can prevent the indexing of duplicate comments, however i was expecting wordpress to fix this problem by now, sooner or later they will look into it anyway…

  12. web content management says:

    I have been working as a content management and Web Promotion expert for the last 5 years, Recently I have been doing a lot of freelance work . I contacted many companies and i scored some projects to boot. I recently stumbled across this 3 Tips to Remove Duplicate Content Issues from WordPress Blog page about 3 weeks ago and found some useful material, so thought i’d go through the old bookmarks again to see if there was any fresh content, and i’m happy I did!

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