4 Mistakes New Bloggers Make

If you’re interested in starting a blog, first check out this post on ’10 Things to do Before Making a Blog‘ and then have a look at these top mistakes new bloggers make. After all, you want to make sure you do everything right as you embark on your new blogging journey. Don’t fall in the trap that others fall into; do it right the first time, and you’ll meet success head on in the road of life.

Here are four mistakes that new bloggers make; try to avoid these mistakes at all costs!



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Failing to Participate in the Community

This is perhaps the biggest mistake new bloggers make: they forget that their blog is one of many within a blogging community, and that in order to be a successful blogger, they should join that community as much as possible. They should read and comment on other blogs. They should reach out to other bloggers in the niche. And they should work to cultivate meaningful relationships with all members of the community through link exchanges, commenting, and guest posting. New bloggers often think they are the only ones out there blogging, but that’s just not the case.

Expecting Immediate Results

New bloggers are often an impatient breed. They put in a few hours of effort a day into their blog and expect huge results after a week or two of work. That’s just not how the blogging world works. Sure, you occasionally read about the rags to riches stories of one or two bloggers who make it big with very little effort, but the vast majority of bloggers who earn a living from their blogs actually work very hard and took quite a while to get where they’re at as far as income and revenue.

Ignoring Comments Section

Many new bloggers don’t quite understand the value of a good comments section. Comments sections are where a lot of the activity related to blogging really occurs: it’s where you can make connections with other bloggers, it’s where you can learn new things from your readers, and it’s where you can solicit guest posters for your own blog. If you ignore the comments, and if you fail to moderate them well, then you’ll miss out on a huge resource.

Plagiarizing Content

Finally, you’d be surprised, but many new bloggers simply think it’s okay to copy and paste whatever content they’d like to have on their blog. In some cases, they give credit, but even then it’s not enough. They have to make sure to show that they are actually quoting someone and then provide a link to that person. Many times Google will punish web sites that seem to have duplicate content, so be careful with how often you quote other sites.

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  1. UmairP says:

    Plagiarizing is the worst of all these. Nice article, keep it up.

  2. broadband blogger says:

    If you have blog site, you should give a time maybe a hour for posting 1 article per day. it is better to post a fresh, original and better keywords for SEO. This will make your blog or even you a successful blogger.

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