7 Reasons why Windows 7 will Fail

Windows 7 has been hitting the headlines pretty consistently for sometime, though only time can say whether it will be a success or a failure. Windows 7 may be a stable and powerful operating system; it still has a lot of reasons why it can’t replace all the older versions of windows launched years before this one came into existence. Lets see some of the reasons why windows 7 won’t replace windows XP no matter how many launch parties you guys throw.

  • The vista failure – I asked a friend, “will you buy windows 7?” he said no, instantly. He had quickly bought in the vista when it was released and since then he had a real bad time. Incompatibility or softwares and drivers made him crazy. Am sure those that had tried vista, won’t jump into windows 7 quick enough.
  • The XP fans – windows XP is undoubtedly the best os Microsoft has launched so far, it’s fast, good in looks and very stable indeed. I never had any compatibility problems, everything has been great the moment I had installed windows XP on my machine. The XP fans will surely be needing a very strong reason to leave XP and go for windows 7.
  • Fear of the new – a lot of people don’t like change, they want things to run “as is”, the same way as it’s going on. A new os will mean a new learning phase and trying to get familiar with a new interface, yes I agree that nothing much changes in the interface of Microsoft applications, though still a new thing has to be still learnt.
  • Too much of hardware requirements, too costly – 2 GB ram, duel core processors are just some of the features from the long list of requirements of windows 7. Hardware update is not just costly but sometimes upgrading old Pc’s are not possible at all. That way, you can just end up buying a new PC and that’s certainly not all, because you will have to make another hole in your wallet and buy the expensive windows 7, too costly I say.
  • Laziness – yep, you have money, you got hardware and you got compatibility too, but you are lazy to install. You are lazy to make a backup, format, install huh. Yep, too much of hard work if you ask me.
  • Chances of another launch – I love this, what if windows 7 really fails. They will come up with another OS, simple. Just like they did with vista, no need to make it good, just make another launch. Live search fails, they come up with Bing, if Bing fails they will come up with something else. I say, just wait. See if it’s good and then jump on it.
  • Application compatibility – You are not just having loads of hardware drivers but also you are having games and softwares, all that runs good on XP and most of those will certainly start to raise compatibility issues once you switched on windows 7. Make a list of your must have softwares and then make sure they runs on windows 7 before buying it.
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5 comments on “7 Reasons why Windows 7 will Fail
  1. Mickfuck says:

    But than also i will definitely going to buy the new windows 7.

  2. Dragon Blogger says:

    I actually thing Windows 7 may undo some of the adoption damage of Vista, I know many business that plan on upgrading to Windows 7 for the desktop users where they skipped Vista entirely. I am thinking it will actually be somewhere between XP and VISTA, but not the revolution Windows 95 was over 3.1

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi dragon blogger, nice blog you have 🙂

      i would recommend businesses to just wait and watch, or atleast upgrade by part and see how the upgraded pcs are performing, if there are too many crashes, application incompatibility or driver mismatch then fall back on XP,

  3. xp user says:

    Yeah, well Windows 7 is far from perfect. Worse than Vista if you ask me. XP was the best, Microsoft should never have bothered with Vista or 7.

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