A Jarte Word Processor Review

It’s one of the programs that are still around the computer, all due to one simple purpose: it’s effectiveness. Aside from sometimes using WordPad every now and then, I use Jarte due to the advantage it has over WordPad when we’re talking features. Those happen to be the user being able to know how many words they have typed, characters, lines and so forth, which is one of the essential key features out of word processing programs, in my opinion. With a fairly nice interface of buttons and the program itself, Jarte provides the user with much than just a “word processing” experience. The program itself is capable of changing layouts within your immediate document, if that happens to ever be something in your “task list”, if you will.

To say that this is just the average word processor would be more than an understatement, given all of these features that provide for a better result in the end. Without a doubt, I find Jarte to be perfect for school work, especially if you find at one point or another Microsoft Word to be somewhat of a hassle to you (not being able to afford it, rare bugs, etc.). As always, you can change up the font to whichever one of your choosing. That and time stamps, page breaks, and layouts – which is just the beginning! Furthermore, Jarte, within the program itself, tries to promote its unique feature of “Clickless Operation”, which is simply highlighting buttons instead of clicking them in order to be able to select sub-categories under it (File -> “Save As” for example). The user also has the convenience of running Jarte directly from a flash drive, which in my mind, undoubtedly makes it stand out from the rest. Oh, and did I mention that it’s absolutely free? (Just so you know – there is a Plus version that provides the user with more benefits out of word processors)

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