A Lazy Persons Guide To Finding a Niche

If I have the choice I would be quite happy to stay in bed all day and people that know me might say I’m lazy and I’m not sure I could disagree. But in my defense I’m also very curious and on a rare occasion I might just forgo my laziness so I can figure out how something works.

These may not be the most desirable traits a human being can possess, well as least not laziness, but you will be glad to hear that I have been able to turn these potential pitfalls into minor triumphs when it comes to my career as an internet marketer and here’s how.



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Going through the monotony of finding a niche is boring, finding keywords, running them through what ever tools you have to find what kind of competition there is , search volumes etc etc etc and the worst thing is I can’t get someone else to do it for me because anyone who knows what they are doing would just steal my keywords and I would have to pay them for doing it. This is where the ingenious mind of someone who is inherently lazy comes into play. (if you are a crusader for all that is right in the world and justice will prevail then you may want to find something else to read)

The rest of the article talks about how we can get others to do at least some of the work for you.

  • Think about this, where does everyone go to get links, yup you guessed it; ezinearticles. The single best keyword resource tool known to man.
  • Almost every marketer seasoned or otherwise will at some point in the life of their site throw some articles at ezinearticles, along with their bio box and some keywords.
  • Let’s now assume that due diligence has been paid when researching each of these keywords and that these marketer think that they can rank for that keywords, so why couldn’t I? and if someone thinks it is worth building a site around, it is at least worth my time to see what the search volume and competition is like. The adwords tool and Seo for Firefox will do this in seconds.

Now I don’t know how many articles are published each day on ezinearticles but there is a lot which means there is a lot of keywords. More than I could ever hope for or even want to run through the adwords tool and to be honest the majority of these niches don’t interest me in the slightest. But there are a handful that do and that is where the RSS feeds play their part. ( I believe lazy people think more so they have to do less!) Once you grab the feed for any categories or sub categories that interest you, you can either throw it into your feed reader and watch it fill up with articles every day and then trawl through them and click on all the links just so you can find out what keywords are used. Or you could set up blog and use a scraper to pull each new article into that blog, save them all as a draft and review the links from there. The choice is yours.

And this is where curiosity comes into play.

If you do happen to come across some juicy keywords on your travels and after research you think it is worth a little more effort, track down the site who is trying to rank for that keyword and monitor their progress and rankings. Watch the amount of content they are publishing on a weekly basis how many link they are building and how their rankings are progressing. Within a month or 2 you will have your answer as to whether or it is a good keyword to target!

So if you have read this far you are either disgusted by what you have just read or there are some light bulbs flashing just above your head, either way its a fact of life as an internet marketer, what you do, how you do it and the keywords you target are there for the whole world to see (look at my bio box !) it is just a question of whether you are willing to take advantage of the opportunity when it arises. An industry has grown up around this type of monitoring, compete.com spyfu and even alexa all spy on other sites for you, this is just on a smaller scale. The search engines have been robbing each others ideas for years now. Google launched their One Pass service 1 day after Apple launched the exact same service on Itunes and Google are charging 20% less! And this list goes on.

This is a Guest Post by Neil Jones who is head of marketing for eMobileScan who are one of the Uk’s leading barcode scanner and handheld computer specialists. Offering one of the largest ranges in the Uk.

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  1. Dana says:

    The bad side of this way is that we will never the first in the chosen keywords so we will work more hard to outcome the “already there” competitors.

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