A WordPad Review

Ahh, it’s none other than the good ‘old days in which WordPad would be the only program that’s around your computer and that would suit your needs given its basic comprehensive features (as compared to say, Notepad) – all this due to that trial of Word expiring, putting you to worry whether or not you’ll get that assignment done.

Firstly, it’s a great thing that Microsoft made the right decision in providing the Windows user with a free yet sort of feature-filled word processing program because with Notepad, you can obviously only do so much (even though there are other programs are there that happen to be free and could be considered to be even better than WordPad).

But can’t say that it doesn’t do its purpose, though. On to WordPad — with features such as formatting (bold, italics, underline, text alignment, bullet points; just to name a few), the user is able to produce more than just a “piece of writing” – that being from say, stressing the importance of certain words or phrases that they would like to have their reader keep in mind of. There’s also the ability to choose from any font that’s installed on your computer (don’t be convinced that that’s all in case you already have and happen to not be aware of the program carrying your computer’s installed fonts), as well as different sizes and scripts. Furthermore, you’re able to “mess around” with the margins if you’re looking to produce your work in a particular manner, which is never a bad thing. Automatic date and time stamps are also included in the features of this program, so if you just so happen to have for instance, computer glitches and not a clock anywhere near town so to speak (which is what’s what in my case), then there’s WordPad for that. Overall, in my opinion, it’s a great program that is still used to this day that serves its purpose! Looking for simple yet effective word processors? Look no further as it’s hanging around your computer (that is of course if you’re a Windows user).

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