About Tech Nascent

Tech Nascent was being run by Uttoran Sen a 23 year old guy from Ranchi Jharkhand. Currently it is taken over by SketWeb.com

Tech Nascent the Past – Tech Nascent was initially run as an article directory where I used to add article on technology related topics and expected the same from others, but unfortunately that did not happened and the most that I got was Spam. So back in 2008, I finally made up my mind to convert Tech Nascent to a tech blog and since then am blogging regularly on tech nascent.

Back in 2005 I did a hardware networking diploma and a software course that brought me into this huge world of technology. I was good at hardware and soon networking became my passion. Later in 2006 after I discovered the power of the Internet I became a regular blogger and an Internet businessmen. Finally in 2007 i dropped collage and become a full time internet marketer and a professional blogger. I write about tech, Internet, blogging tips etc. here on Tech Nascent.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at Uttoransen [at] Gmail [dot] com. Or simply add me on your yahoo id – Uttoransen and follow me on Twitter.

Uttoran Sen,

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