Acer Aspire AS51005033 Laptop Review

Acer laptops are usually considered to be the most efficient ones. Acer Aspire AS51005033 laptop is no different. With a sleek design and great looks, this laptop is sure to woo its potential customers at the first glance. However, it’s not just an eye-candy. Packed with effective functionality, the Acer Aspire AS51005033 laptop is worth a buy.

The Acer Aspire AS51005033 laptop comes with a 1.6 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-50 processor. With the help of this extremely powerful processor, customers can get their job done at a pretty fast pace. Another admirable feature of this laptop is its 1 GB RAM and 120 GB hard disk drive.

Many users of Acer Aspire AS51005033 laptop talk highly about its enviable display. The display of this laptop is considered to be one of the brightest and the best among several other models of laptops that are available in the market. According to a majority of the users of Acer Aspire AS51005033 laptop, the comfortable display of this laptop make it an enjoyable experience to watch movies. Apart from that, the display is also suitable for working long hours in front of your laptop without straining your eyes or getting a tired feeling in the eyes.

The Acer Aspire AS51005033 laptop comes with a pre-installed version of Windows Vista Home Premium. It also offers access to several preloaded software for its users. You can get connected to the Internet by means of 10/100 Fast Ethernet or 54g 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. In today’s fast paced world, staying connected is an important thing. So, almost everyone wants their laptops to offer good Internet connectivity that would enable them to stay in touch with business associates, family and friends. With integrated web-cam in place and good Internet connectivity on offer, the Acer Aspire AS51005033 laptop will truly meet your requirements of staying connected.

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