Acer Ferrari 1005 WTMi Notebook Review

The Acer Ferrari 1005 WTMi is one of those premium products, which are going to become exclusive thanks to high price that they have. Acer have proved that a partnership between a computer company and a car company can become a success, even if they are working in totally different fields on the international market.

What acer managed to make is a premium product by combining a great product design, with the latest technology, and of course one of the main characteristics is the brand that they are using which is Ferrari. The brand is the number one factor that is going to sell these products.

The Acer Ferrari 1005 WTMi is a small laptop, with a screen of only 12″. This is going to make it even better looking, and lightweight.

The main features that I like about this laptop:

  • The design is great; I personally think that this laptop has one of the greatest designs, in the world. The colors black and red are fitting perfectly the current style of the laptop.
  • The technical specifications of this portable computer are great. It has a dual core turion 2.0Ghz processor, 2GB of ram and 160 GB hard drives. This laptop is going to be one of the greatest pieces of technology.
  • The weight is one of the lightest notebook computers in the world. It weights around 1.5kg without the battery.

And the features that I don’t like:

  • The fact that it comes with Windows Vista installed;
  • The price which is a lot higher than all other products that have the same specifications, but don’t wear the Ferrari brand name.
  • The cooling system, which is going to make the computer hot after a short period of time running.
  • The screen of the laptop is a little bit too small, and for people that currently have problems with their vision, will find it hard to use it.
  • The fact that the DVD/CD-ROM drive is not internal, and in case you want to use it you will have to carry with you the wire and the external drive.

The hardware spec is just amazing. The processor is a AMD turion 64×2, a dual core 64 bits chip that is running at 2Ghz, if you add 2 GB of RAM and a 256 VRAM attached to the ATI Mobility Radeon video card. The moment it was released this spec, were the highest on the market. Even right now if you are going to look at other products, you will see that they are still great.

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