Acer Ferrari 5000 Review

Design – The Acer Ferrari 5000 is an updated version of its popular predecessor – the Acer Ferrari 4000. This black and red laptop is pretty stylish and has a few carbon fiber sections, though they are mostly ornamental.

The matte-black plastic palm-rest is a sheer delight to watch though it may get greasy with fingerprintsĀ during long stretches of work. However, the user need not worry as the cloth supplied along with the Acer Ferrari 5000 will come handy in this case.

Though the Acer Ferrari 5000 looks almost the same as its predecessor at an initial glance, some minute changes have been incorporated in the location of the optical drives and ports. The optical drive is this latest version from the Acer stable is placed on the left side, beside the PCMCIA port and an ExpressCard.

The Acer Ferrari 5000 comes with a dual core AMD Turion processor that runs at 2GHz. This model also offers 2GB of RAM and an AMD Radeon X1600 in addition to a hard disk drive of 160GB. However, a major disappointment is the absence of an HD DVD drive. Though the specifications of this product promised one, our review found that it was nothing more than a dual-layer DVD burner.

Though the Ferrari has its focus on entertainment, we were rather puzzled to find that Windows Vista Business is preinstalled in it. We expected the Premium version to be in its place instead.

The Acer Ferrari 5000 comes with other accessories like the 1.3 mega pixel Orbicam and a Bluetooth VoIP phone that fits into the PCMCIA port when it is not utilized.

The Acer Ferrari 5000 is suitable for entertainment purpose with its polished screen coating. The semi ergonomically curved keyboard offers a comfortable user-experience. This product comes with its own ePower utility to control the power modes. However, our review found it to be more burdensome as compared to the in-built Vista controls.

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