Alienware Area 51 x58 – Truly out of the World

Trust the Alienware people to come out with truly out of this world designs on their desktop systems! The Alienware Area-51*58 is one such desktop from them that will surely blow your minds with the techno-sophisticated look it sports. The Alienware Company prefers to call this model as a high performance gaming desktop computer and it is truly high performance indeed! Let’s check the main configurations of this system first. The Area 51*58 comes with an Intel Core i7 965@ 3.2 GHz, a 12 GB DDR3 SDRAM@1066 MHz and Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit operating system. The comp comes 2* 128GB Primary hard drive, 2* 1TB 7200RPM and 4* Blue ray R/W DVD+/- RW.

When you talk about any Aleinware product you cannot avoid talking about the product design. Likewise, this Area 51*58 is a bombshell of a design too. This model comes encased in metal surrounded by high-density plastics. Though there are choices of colors, this model looks best when the outer case is finished in glossy black. As with all Aleinware products, this model also comes with a very techno futuristic look and there is an option by way of a software interface by which, one can change the colors in the different regions of the computer case.

The performance is truly amazing but is rather noisy with fans working at full speed to cool the system. The price tag is definitely more than affordable but is relatively justified in terms of the actual configuration of this model.

Some positives

  • High performance

  • Exceedingly fast

  • Fast scratch drives possible due to the RAID O configuration

  • Very stylish and sophisticated look

  • A tough and aesthetic exterior

Some negatives

  • Very noisy due to the fans

  • Data security is not the best because of the RAID O configuration

  • Quite a heavy machine to transport or shift

All in all, a classy looking high performance gaming system at more than an average price tag but definitely one more Desktop worth having a look at.

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