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The ebook readers are getting busy in the market lately and Amazon with its global reach is planning on selling its Kindle ebook reader gadget throughout the world in this festive season of the Christmas. The competition is very tough indeed and this Amazon Kindle will be facing a lot of challenge to establish itself in the ebook reader market. The international version of this reader will be sold in over 100+ countries and will be using mobile networks to download data in the ebook format, that can be newspapers and magazines or other documents.

The Kindle is a 6 Inch screen ebook reader that can store as much as 1500 books and has features that allows it to download data wirelessly. It will be available on the 19th of October. The competition is very heavy and thus to keep away competing gadgets, Amazon is planning to give $40 off which will put the price tag at $259. There might be some extra shipping and handling charges and fees.

The ebook reader market is not big enough as of now but is growing in leaps and bounds. Apparently, the ebook format vs. the physical copies for Amazon is at 48 to 100 for media that are available in both formats. This ratio will mostly likely fall in the favor of the electronic reader format in the coming future.

So far Amazon has not made it clear about which telecom provider will have the contract and Vadafone and O2 were actually surprised to know the launch at the same time as others. It should be noted that these companies had been pitching for the job for some time now. ATnT is the one being guessed with the contract likely, however it will be yet to know if this is true.

So, will the ebook reader be a revolution, will you wake up everyday reading ebook format newspaper in your ebook reader? At the current price of $200+ it will be quite a big ask, not many will change the regular print newspaper or magazine for this costly gadget but if prices falls then things can turn in the favor of the electronic medium in no time.

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3 comments on “Amazon Kindle ebook Reader
  1. free iphone 3gs says:

    i’m gonna stick a bookmark link on my iphone home screen 🙂

  2. Sire says:

    I think it will have to do a lot more than just have the capability to read ebooks. The price seems competitive, but people may be willing to pay that lit extra for an iPod touch which can do a lot more than just read ebooks.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Why Marketing Your Ad Space Should Precede Marketing Your Blog =-.

  3. Tech Nascent says:

    hi Sire,
    yep that is right, and there are plenty of other ebook readers in the market as well, and some of them are pretty cheap with loads of features…

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