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Many Mac computer users have installed MacKeeper’s Antivirus on their computer to best protect their computer from the malicious items on the Internet. This antivirus from MacKeeper offers dual protection since it not only protects from Windows but as well as protect the Mac OS. MacKeeper is the only antivirus who offers dual protection unlike other antivirus software available in the market today.

Whenever you encounter problems on your Mac computer, MacKeeper is the 911 when it comes to rescue computers. It is the best tool since it is all-in-one package that you will not surely miss. MacKeeper can provide all the solutions whatever predicament your computer has encountered.



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MacKeeper Antivirus protects your Mac from Windows and Mac OS viruses. This antivirus can help in detecting the virus and blocks it immediately before the virus has the chance to infect your Mac computer. Once it can detect viruses from your computer, it will immediately remove it from your computer system. The virus will surely be removed completely from your system.

MacKeeper Antivirus has an Anti Theft features. If ever your Mac computer will be stolen by other people, Anti Theft will perceive its location once the Mac computer goes online. It will then send the location of its whereabouts to you. You may use it as your evidence and can even hand the report to the responsible authorities.  Aside from this, you will receive a phone call coming from the customer support. You will be given a detailed instruction on how to use the report. The best part here is that you will be able to see the person who stole your Mac computer and enjoy the pictures that were taken from the Thief Snapshot feature on your Mac. This feature will automatically respond by the time you have reported the theft.

Furthermore, the MacKeeper Antivirus will also protect your computer from unsafe download. A lot of Mac computer enthusiasts have been attracted in free download offered on the Internet. That is why they are enticed to download as many as they can without knowing that they have also downloaded the viruses that go with the programs.

This antivirus helps protect your computer especially in detecting spyware and malware. These can cause harm and can even damage the system. Once it is taken for granted, eventually it will worsen the case. That is why it is best to use MacKeeper Antivirus to protect your Mac computer from the ever evolving malware and virus on the Internet.

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  1. housey says:

    Sad day when the Mac gets has infected as Windows. I know it has attracted a lot of users being thought as the safe alternative.

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