Beat the Heat and Recession – April Earnings – $1200+

At a time when my qualified and educated friends are losing jobs, I made a whopping $1200+ in profits. How did I do it? I worked hard on contextual; this is my main source of earnings and its something that I both enjoy doing and is my strength too. Am trying to get into Internet marketing, so I tried a bit of referrals and affiliates stuff, this is just a way to diversify my income. Direct ad sale is mostly just banners, and a bit of site flipping.

Earning from Contextual – $650

Earning from referrals – $200+ [miscellaneous referrals, this includes affiliates]

Earning of sale – $400+ [site and direct ads sale]

Info Links

Info Links

Here’s a screenshot, can’t disclose all, so just 1 for the time being. Next month will come up with better screenshots. The $170+ was for the Infolinks Contextual. I have been blogging about it a lot, and yes its really good. So if you are still stuck with Kontera, i guess its time to move on and use infolinks and see a huge differnece.

Am working hard on a new project, which will be ready in the next 2+ weeks, hopefully. It’s a simple CMS that is going to have a lot of features. Am not going to reveal much of it now.

Online business rocks, but I also want to extend my business off line. I will start with a web hosting business soon. The difference between an online business and an off line business is that, for off line business we need an infrastructure which costs money which is not needed on online business. In the real world you sell something and make profit from it, mostly once, while in online business you keep making profit every time you sell it, like softwares. Balance both worlds and you will find that online business is really cool.

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8 comments on “Beat the Heat and Recession – April Earnings – $1200+
  1. Military Aircraft says:

    i have used info links in the past but at the moment iam building in links in the site and feel they will confuse users as to being internal links or ads

    Also is it allowed???

    any help on this is appreciated

  2. Uttoran Sen says:

    hi military aircraft, it will be great if you post your name, in the name field, rather than a keyword,
    anyways, am sure it will be allowed, however if you don’t want your users get confused then use a different color for an inlink and a different color + double line links for info links. The fact that info links give a double line option, makes it pretty different than regular website links,

    Besides, usually regular visitors don’t understand what’s ads and what’s not, so it dosenot matter IMO,

    • ricky says:

      Thanks for the quick reply Uttoransen, lol sorry for using a keyword but starting out on a site is soooo hard getting indexed and ranked in the serps,
      do you have any guide on google rankings on your site???

      Maybe how you promted your site when started off or something like that

      I didnt know about the double line option i will try that


      • Uttoran Sen says:

        hi ricky,
        thanks for putting your name on the name field this time. I know its hard to start out, here is a few quick things to improve your google rankings, i will make a detailed post on it later, in a few days time.

        1) Social bookmark your every post. find related social bookmarking sites on google, that helps.
        2) write articles and promote them on article directories
        3) do a little directory submissions.

        i see you have adsense on your site, and adsense program policies says that these things on your content is not allowed:

        Sales of weapons or ammunition (e.g. firearms, firearm components, fighting knives, stun guns)

        I wonder, if fighter gets comes in that category? I would suggest you to contact adsense support and make it clear that its ok to use adsense on that site….

        Stay tuned for my SEO post,

        • ricky says:

          Thanks i will stay tuned in for the post, i will email adsense but you know how long they take to reply lol

          • Uttoran Sen says:

            hi ricky,
            sometimes they reply pretty fast, some time it takes time. usually on questions about rules and tos, like the one you have, gets answered a lot quickly 🙂

  3. Sudipto says:

    Hi Uttoran,

    I would really love to know how you are getting traffic to your blog. Also do you write your own articles or outsource them.
    .-= Sudipto´s last blog ..Gabfire WordPress NewsPaper Theme Converted For Blogger. =-.

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi Sudipto,
      i write article by myself and oursource them too, i kind of mix them so that i don’t pressurize myself by writing more articles or put pressure on my wallet by outsourcing them all…

      content is king 🙂 articles are just enough for traffic. however once you have established a blog, there is repeat traffic too, and a fine example of repeat traffic is this blog itself,

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