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The designers of Bebook E-readers like the Bebook Neo and the Bebook Club understand that ereaders are not a one-size-fits-all proposition and consumers benefit! Those are just 2 of their popular ebook readers that offer something for everyone.  Let’s take a look at the top features of each in this Bebook Ereaders review.




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The Bebook One – This is the original Bebook e-reader and it continues to be popular.  The 6” display offers 600×800 resolution and E Paper technology.  It currently supports 2 dozen file formats so if your reading material is diverse, this is an ebook to consider.  The realistic page look is comfortable and easy to read, with good contrast.  The long-life battery offers more than 7,000 page turns on each charge.

The Bebook Club – This is the newest Bebook in the family.  The Bebook Club is a more compact version of the award-winning Bebook Neo reviewed next.  The Club offers a 6-inch screen that uses E Ink Vizplex display that looks like quality printed pages and keeps eyestrain to a minimum.  Excellent contrast and the ability to read outdoors on a sunny day without glare are advantages.  Change the font and size, and add bookmarks for convenience.  Read all the most common file formats including ePub and PDF, both DRM and non-DRM.  That’s a lot of usability in a quality e-reader, the Bebook Club.  The Lithium ion rechargeable battery offers 12,000 page turns on a single charge.

The Bebook Neo – The Bebook Neo is the culmination of all the Bebook technology to date.  It offers the latest E Ink page technology, a long-life battery and touchscreen usability.  Avid and multilingual readers will appreciate the ability to purchase and/or download books from third-party book sites all over the world, in dozens of languages.  Not being tied to a single book vendor is something e-readers absolutely love!  The Wi-Fi connectivity includes a basic browser that also lets you access Google, Wikipedia and other sites.  The Freescale processor is sizzling fast so you won’t have to wait for books to load to the screen or for pages to turn.  Most ebook formats are supported so you’ve got tremendous flexibility in accessing what you want to read.

The Bebook Mini – If you want a compact e-reader that will fit in your pocket so it is always within reach, the 5” Bebook Mini with E Ink page display will surely please.  It’s a scaled-down version of larger Bebook e-readers and includes E Ink page technology and support for more than 20 file formats.  These include ePub and PDF files with Adobe DRM. Use the Bebook Mini to read all of your ebooks documents with clarity and comfort.

Conclusion – This is an impressive lineup of dedicated e-readers.  They are a top choice for serious and casual readers alike. They present a crisp, comfortable reading experience with E Ink technology.  Their support for today’s most common file types, as well as many obscure types, makes them the go-to choice for readers with a diverse range of needs.  Add ease of use and helpful features to the mix and you’ll understand why the Bebook e-readers continue to get high ratings in e-reader reviews from all who use them.

Author Bio – Guest blogger Devon is 34 years old live in NYC love spend time in book stores and coffee shops with friends or along with his portable e-reader device the Kindle DX Reader, lately started an ereaders review site.

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