Case of the Exploding iPhones – Apple Denies Explosion – Says External Factors Responsible

iPhone customers in France has been reporting the issue of exploding iPhones for some time. Now apple has come out with an answer which looks more like a, “its all your fault” sort of an excuse. Apple, the manufacturer of iPhone and iPod says that they have not seen any evidence of battery over heating, or any other faulty components responsible for the explosion. They are actually denying that there has been any explosion at all; they say that the broken glass is simply due to the fault of the customer, that they dropped it.

Apple is holding external factors responsible for the iPhone explosions, like dropping iPhones by the customers, etc. The customer however disagrees, there are some customers in France that have not dropped their iPhones but the thing still exploded. But apple spokesperson was confidant and said clearly that the iPhone glass broke due to the external factors and the cases are in single digits.

Anyways, in an incident, south of Paris, Frank Benoiton has reported his wife’s iPhone glass is being shattered without it being dropped. Apple denies but is still going to replace it for free, also a British guy dropped his iPod and it exploded, and now is asking for a refund.

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