CCleaner Review

It all started when I had been researching around, looking for something that not only will it “get the job done”, but would be worthwhile to keep on my computer as a result of my overall satisfaction towards it. And that’s when I ran into CCleaner, which is a FREE program that does more than just “clean up” your computer – it’s also capable of managing which programs start up once you turn on your computer and are at the desktop (ones that you would see on the lower right side of the Windows toolbar).

I’ve been using this for quite a while, and every time I see that some thing’s up with my computer in regards to performance, behavior and whatnot, let’s just say that it has become “automatic” for me to instantaneously bring up CCleaner for the job. Usually most of the time, the program does indeed improve whatever certain conditions may be, and that’s one of the reasons why I consider this program to be top-notch, and in addition to that, would not mind whatsoever in paying say, 30 dollars (which is the typical price of software), or heck, even fifty dollars for it, as simple as it may be. It is indeed basic, but it’s also effective at that. As to what the program does – CCleaner gives you the ability to delete cookies (from browsers) and unnecessary junk (such as from the Recycle Bin – sometimes users tend to forget to empty out the bin; temporary files; computer history). Not only that, CCleaner also provides the user with the convenience of uninstalling programs from your computer, therefore making Add/Remove Programs (the Windows component) history and simply a thing of the past.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this piece of software due to how very much effective it is since it WILL come in handy eventually, regardless of how “well-ran” your computer may be, and best of all – it’s free!

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