Chat with a Bot on Yahoo Messenger

I had a chat with a bot like thing on yahoo messenger so thought to post it here, actually I got a chat message from someone in yahoo who was not on my friends list, usually it’s the Spam bot trying to get malware and stuff in the pc or try to sell something etc. Anyways, here’s the conversation, have fun.

janicelewis24: Hey

uttoransen: hi

janicelewis24: hello?

uttoransen: so how did you got me?

janicelewis24: do I know you??

uttoransen: i guess
uttoransen: not

janicelewis24: ohh hey what’s up babes??

This is where I knew for sure that its surely a chat bot, and it was time to report it, but before doing so I wanted to confirm it.

uttoransen: you are not on my list too

janicelewis24: i’ve been a little busy with work, just got home and fresh out of the shower! i’m kinda feeling a little naughty lol..u?

uttoransen: you look like a bot? tell me what is 5 + 6 = ?

janicelewis24: whats a bot? im 100% all real and natural, from |i|s to a$$!

uttoransen: then tell me 5 + 6 = ?

janicelewis24: yeah i’m horny lolz! u?

This was enough for me, I reported it, hope yahoo takes proper care of it.

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6 comments on “Chat with a Bot on Yahoo Messenger
  1. webbie q says:

    super!:))!very funny!a sexy hot bot!

  2. Penny Stocks says:

    lol .. you missed the hot chat buddy … hehe

    i have also came across such bots sometimes but i just close the chat window directly if he/she is not in my frds list

  3. Pubudu Kodikara says:

    Nice… but its a bit creepy when you think that your chatting with a non human.. 😀
    .-= Pubudu Kodikara´s last blog ..Come Out of that Dark Cave if You Want to Blog! =-.

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