Cool features of Mozila Firefox that you might not Know Yet

Mozila Firefox provides its users with many features like tabbed browsing etc. that Internet explorer 6 did not had. Sometimes leaving habits is so hard, specially when it’s a bad habit. Internet explorer 6 was one such bad habit that am happy to live without. When I started using Firefox actively, I knew what I was missing. Anyways, here are some cool features of Mozila Firefox:

  • On Page Search – That is – go to the edit menu on the top and click on find. A small search bar will come out at the bottom of your browser. Just type a few things that you want to find out and Firefox will high light that text on the current page. Now you won’t have to search through tons of lines on a big wiki page, just type in and get what you need to read.
  • Where did my download go – go to tools menu on the top and click on downloads. Right click on any download that you have already done, it will give you a few options like, open containing folder. Just click on it and the folder with your downloaded stuff in it will open up.
  • Search bookmarks – if you are someone like me who bookmarks every second web page that one visits then you will certainly need to search bookmarks to retrieve the ones you need. To do that, just click on organize bookmarks and a window will open with a search bookmarks option on it.
  • Frequently visited sites – for example,, your blog, your email etc. are a few websites that you want to open with a click of a button. For that, just open the website on a Firefox tab and click on the tab. Then keep the click pressed and drag it to the toolbar on the Firefox window. You will see a bottom has been made with the name of the site.
  • Watch full screen – I love this feature, specially when a site’s design attracts me, I press f11 or view menu – full screen. That way you can see the full site with out the browser details.

Mozila Firefox is my favorite browser and with the amount of plugins available for it, you can do all that you need to do. I will come up with another post on my list of favorite Firefox add-ons.

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17 comments on “Cool features of Mozila Firefox that you might not Know Yet
  1. Tech Buzz says:

    FF is my fav browser too, mostly i use FF for browsing but very sometimes i prefer using IE as well

    few days back i read shortcut keys for FF browser, that makes surfing more easier and faster

    • admin says:

      hi Tech Buzz,
      welcome to technascent,

      very rarely, i use the IE6 as well, mostly to know how my sites and blogs appear on the IE browser, but for regular surfing, i only use Firefox 🙂

  2. Ricky says:

    That is why I love Firefox. I can’t survive without FF add-ons.
    .-= Ricky ´s last blog ..Google Analytics For Mobile-New Google Lab Feature =-.

  3. str says:

    thaks for the information you shared!

    Really cool and usefull tips

  4. Ricky says:

    FF is my favorite browser, I cant imagine blogging without FF. BTW thank you for pointing out some cool features of firefox.
    .-= Ricky ´s last blog ..Alexa Introduces New Changes With Alexa Ranking =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Ricky,
      welcome to technascent and thanks for your comments,

      firefox is surely the king of all browsers, can’t imagine internet surfing without firefox 😀

  5. TechChunks says:

    Out of the things listed above, I use “On Page Search” most heavily. Try + F (yes just like Windows) as a shortcut key combination 😉
    .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..How to Speed up Your Win 7 Computer =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      yep, one of my favorites, makes life so easy. just type in and its quickly highlighted, saves so much time on long pages that scrolls ten miles to the bottom…

  6. Blog4Boys says:

    thanks for the review mate.. i will have an practical overview now.
    .-= Blog4Boys´s last blog ..Tila Tequila – Upskirt & Kissing Candids at Villa Lounge in Hollywood (MQ) =-.

  7. TechChunks says:

    FF rocks big time. IE is no comparison to it and Chrome has a long way to go before it can match FF.
    .-= TechChunks´s last blog ..Google Nexus One Phone Specs and Launch Date (5 January); Rumor? =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      Yep, IE got no comparisoin for sure, am on windows 7 with IE8 or something that i have not opened yet 😀 I have not used chrome too, firefox already dose everything that its supposed to do 🙂

  8. Tech-Freak Stuff says:

    One big reason why FF is most loved by people is because of immense number of other applications we can use with it…I mean the various plug-ins..No other web-browser supports so many plugins..
    .-= Tech-Freak Stuff´s last blog ..My 3 Biggest SEO mistakes of 2009 =-.

  9. Premium WP Themes says:

    Very cool tips for Mozilla. Loved them all
    .-= Premium WP Themes´s last blog ..“Bubblegum Baby” : 2 Column XML Blogger Template Free Download =-.

  10. Saket says:

    Nice tips ther though i knew most of them instead of quick search

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