Dell partner MTNL for 3g wireless services on Laptops

This dell and MTNL partnership for 3g wireless services in India will provide national roaming facility on select dell laptop models which will come loaded with MTNL’s 3g services. That way, one won’t need any kind of usb modems or anything to access net facilities. According to MTNL, this partnership will provide the Indians with an easy to afford Internet facility and will increase the online users of India.

Initially the Inspiron Mini series will come bundled with this facility which costs about 30k INR. The plan is to place a 3G Ericsson module with the MTNL’s 3g sim into the dell laptops. This deal will surely help raise the sale of dell laptops in the Indian market.

High speed, always on service sure sounds good, doesn’t it? But BSNL or MTNL is knows to stay down sometimes, so I would still suggest to keep an extra Internet connection as a second Internet connection.

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