Dell Studio XPS – Affordable Efficiency

Dell has come up with a new model sporting the Intel core i7 architecture. Though the i7 architecture are used mostly by gaming desktops, Dell has preferred to use it in its midrange desktop aimed primarily at professionals involved in content creation. The Dell Studio XPS comes loaded with 6GB tri channel DDR3@1066Mhz memory, a 500 GB SATA hard drive and a super multi DVD+/- RW optical drive. The visual and sound are taken care by an ATI Radeon HD4850 and an integrated 7.1 HD audio card respectively. A 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet card takes care of networking and the OS is 64 bit Windows Vista Home Premium. Dell offers a one year limited warranty with options of remote diagnosis as well as on site service. The rated power supply is 360W and the whole package comes in dimensions of 14.2”*6.7”*17.1” (H*W*D).

The CPU is encased in a shiny black plastic case as with all of Dell’s studio range and there is a sliding door in the front, which can be closed to hide all the ports. Though the i7 architecture is mainly used by manufacturers of gaming systems, which are expensive, Dell insists the Studio XPS is not a gaming system, nevertheless gaming tests done on this system have reflected a satisfactory performance. The Studio XPS when benchmarked against similar systems from other manufacturers turned out very impressive results. The Studio XPS beat most other models in 3D tests primarily due to its efficient graphic cards. The Studio XPS is really very fast in comparison top other models in the same category but a small tertiary drive could be improved upon for more storage.

Let us look at the positives and negatives of this system:

  • A really very fast computer system

  • Entry to new platform is set at a very low barrier

  • Very easy maintenance as most of the internal parts are very accessible

  • Memory upgradeable to very high volumes

  • The front slotted port cover is much better than the door based covers found in other models

  • Affordable price


  • The hard drive could have been made faster

  • The internal cabling leaves much to be desired

  • Noisy at times

  • Design not that inspiring

Weighing the performance of the Dell Studio XPS and the price quoted, it can be safely said this system is a high value product for your money.

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