Dell XPS M1730 Laptop

Dell XPS M1730 is a high-performance gaming notebook. The XPS M1730 is available in different colors like Crimson Blue, Sapphire Blue and Bone White. It has 17-inch glossy widescreen display and the screen resolution is 1920 x 1200 pixels with glare-reducing coating. This note book is integrated with Logitech’s Game Panel LCD on the keyboard deck and is also a strong gaming component depending on the game played by you. The in-build 10 keypad allows you to use normal in-game configuration. The processor used is Intel Core 2 Duo that ranges from 2.2GHz to 2.8GHz.

The 200GB hard drive with 7200rpm provides you with faster access times and enhanced performance. There is an extensive selection of hard disk options such as 320GB, 400GB and 500GB. You can also opt for 64GB Solid State Disk and Blu-ray drive, if you can spend some extra money. The storage space of the notebook is quite impressive. The LCD gaming screen positioned above the backlit keyboard provides essential information for the gamer. This notebook is a best friend of a gamer who is mobile.

The LCD screen works with any game that supports G15 gaming keyboard. NVIDIA’s GeForce SLI graphics for multi-GPU solutions provides you with faster rendering of graphics to play any type of the latest games. The most striking feature of this notebook is the PhysX Accelerator, which is designed to take 3D motion to the next level. PhysX takes the values like speed, power, weight etc and translate them in to an effect closer to real in show.

The notebook is coming with pre-installed Windows Vista Operating System. The laptop consists of 9-cell battery, 8 x DVD burner, integrated Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband and Intel Wireless WiFi Link. The Dell logo in the center of the lid is illuminated with a white LED backlight. The speakers in the front of the laptop are also illuminated by LED lights as in the touchpad and its buttons. The LED lights on the front can change colors but the ones in back cannot.

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  1. cheap computers says:

    purchase spare lithium-ion batteries for later use if your battery series get weak over times.

  2. Ashton Cox says:

    Led lights are great because they are long lasting and consumes less electricity.:*.

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