Differences Between Online Entrepreneurs and Physical Businesses

There are more similarities than differences between the online entrepreneur and one that chooses to work from a physical business. A business is a business – or at least most entrepreneurs will tell you that. The all take time, effort, financial support and some serious passion.

Differences between the Online Business and the Physical Business



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Online Business Positives

  • These business can be started will very little financial investment. Most online companies only need a website to begin making things happen. The creative entrepreneur can find free products to run the business that makes start up even less expensive.

  • The location gets built by the company or entrepreneur. Content and visitors will drive the location of the website in the search engines. Showing up on the top of the search list for certain words or phrases is the top location on the internet. You grow to that place by presenting readers with content that they share and that pulls back to the website time and again.

  • Anonymity comes with working on the internet. No visitor to your website ever has to know the man behind the curtain. They see what you present. You can show them a large company or a one man show. What you build will be what they see. BUT keep in mind that internet visitors can be very savvy and brutal if deceived. The best way to grow an internet business for the long term is with honest.

  • Insurance will not be as expensive. Many online entrepreneurs never need to consider insurance other than for personal needs. Customers are never on their location physically and investing in business insurance will be inexpensive it even necessary.

  • Work hours can be flexible in time and location. The computer goes with the user. That means an online entrepreneur can work from the kitchen or from the road. The time also can move around because when the work gets done is not important as long AS the work gets done.

Physical Business Positives

  • Dealing with friends and family can be easier if they can walk into a physical location and see what you are doing. Most people do not have the vision of an entrepreneur and need to see the physical in order to believe that it is real.

  • Getting finance will be easier for most physical businesses. The internet is still relatively young in the eyes of the investment world – and the bursting of the dot come bubble has some investors still leery of the potential. Physical companies (even with the high percentage rate of failure) have not only the history behind their industry, but many will have collateral that takes some of the burden off the lenders.

  • What you see is what you get. People will know your business by walking in the doors. The products will be on the shelves and the prices will be readily displayed.

Building a business – no matter if that business is online or in person – can be tough. There are plenty of pros and cons on both ends of the balance sheet. The key to developing a successful business anywhere is to discover your passion and purpose and then be determined to push through in that area until you grab success in your hands.

No two businesses are exactly the same. Developing an online business or growing one at a physical location will have unique problems and individual solutions. Understanding the differences between the two types of businesses can help you develop a plan that meets your needs as an entrepreneur in a way that will allow you to meet the goals for your future.

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