Digital Picture Frames: Uses in a School Setting

Though many people use digital picture frames in their homes, they have many practical applications as well. Businesses, for example, have been using them for years to advertise and to display images for upcoming events. Additionally, many teachers and school administrators can find a number of uses for these devices.

Using Digital Picture Frames in the Administrative Office

Most grade schools have a main office, and this is a great place to display a digital picture frame. It is very easy to find a nice frame for around $30 or $40, so this does not have to be a large expense. Administrators can load the frame with photos of the students and various school events and activities. The students will like seeing photos of themselves and their school, and the visiting parents will like seeing them as well.

Administrators can use the digital picture frame outside of the office as well. For example, it can be displayed at nearly every school event. It can be displayed at the ticket booth or table. Back to school night (or parent’s night) is another great time to display the frame. Many private schools give tours of the school, and many of them have admissions departments to screen prospective students. Digital picture frames are a great way to show off the students and the school to prospective students and their families.

Using Digital Picture Frames in the Library

Librarians and computer teachers can use these frames as well. Many libraries receive new books on a periodic basis, and librarians can use these frames to display their new arrivals. They can either find cover images online, or you can take photos of the new books when they arrive. They can also use the frame to display popular books, reading assignments, or summer reading books. Computer teachers can use the frames as well. They can use them to display new computer programs or games that their students will be using or playing.

Using Digital Picture Frames with the Performing Arts

Digital picture frames are great tools for performing arts teachers, and art teachers, theater teachers, and choir teachers can use them. Art teachers, for example, can use these frames to display famous works of art. If an art class is studying Van Gogh then the teacher can load the frame with photos of his most famous works. When the students move onto the next unit, the teacher can update the photos. Additionally, he or she can use one of these frames to display the student’s art.

A theater teacher can use a digital picture frame to show off photos of the most recent performance. This is a great way to inspire students. Teachers can use these frames at parent’s night to show parents what their children have done or to show them examples of what their children will be doing later in the year. Digital picture frames can be used throughout any school, and they can be used by teachers and administrators alike.

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