Ecommerce SEO Benefits from Google Farmer Algorithm

Google, the most popular search engine, is constantly innovating and adopting new strategies to improve its search efficiency. The latest is the addition of its “Farmer” algorithm, which not provides better query results, but also having a negative impact on business sites trying to beat the system through dishonest moves and reusing content from other sites. Since its update in February 2011, the United States alone has seen an almost 12 per cent change in search queries of Google.

Bad SEO tactics removed – Google’s search engine ranking algorithm includes multiple step by step instructions for computers to complete each time a search term appears. Users find SEO tactics to take advantage of these algorithms instead of adding valuable and beneficial content, and this forces Google to constantly find ways to change it. Google has already made 500 changes and the latest among these is the Farmer update that targets content farms producing poor quality, high volume content comprising of information picked up from other sites. These farms manage to get revenue from advertisements.

Google Farmer will now give a low ranking in its search to such sites since they are not original and not very useful, bringing repetition into search listings. At the same time, it is able to give a better ranking to sites with valuable information based on extensive research, analysis and detailed reports. The fundamental idea is to avoid listing multiple sites having the same content, and to provide Google users with relevant content that has depth and meaning more than duplication.

Lessons for Merchants

Google Panda Update

Google Panda Update

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  • It is no longer sufficient to post content- it is important to post original and valuable content rather than copying existing material.
  • The content has to be informative and interesting to invite traffic. This could include gripping videos, reviews and so on.
  • The focus is on ethical content-that is good, unique and well organized, making complete sense, and such that appeals to the reader.
  • The time has come to stop ‘gaming’ SEO results, and devious tactics need to be given up.

The Farmer update has effected almost every  site on the internet in some way or another, if you were playing by the rules and did everything correctly then you will stand a good chance of benefiting from this update. If however you were playing things a little to close to the wind you may now be feeling the effects. Either way this is a clear sign of intent from Google. They want to clean up the search results and it looks like they are going to do what it takes to get that done.

Google’s intent may be clear but what is also now clear is that if you build your sites in the right way you will be rewarded for your efforts. Though this is not the easy option, it is how the one that will stand the test of time. The effort and hard work you put in now will repay you time and time again in the future. So stick with it and in the long run it will be worth it.

This is a Guest post by Neil Jones, who Specializes in launching ecommerce sites, he is currently plying his trade as head of marketing for eMobileScan. With 18 websites based all around Europe they are on course to be one of Europe’s largest online retailers of Industrial handheld computers like the Symbol MC9090 or Motorola MC75. Neil has been an online marketer for the past 6 years and in that time he has owned and run a range of sites all built around the ecommerce platform.

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