First Steps into Email Marketing

Entering the world of email marketing is daunting for many. If you are new to email marketing entirely, then it is extremely advisable that you don’t go it alone to begin with. You’ve already spent time and money building your brand from the bottom up and are now standing on a precipice. By making mistakes in your very first campaign email, it could turn-off an otherwise captive audience.

This is where professionals working in email marketing services can help. They know all the tricks of the trade. However in collaboration with your email marketing service provider, you are likely to need to know some of the following basic principles in email marketing.

What are your goals?

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

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Be clear in what the purpose of your email is. For your very first communication, it’s easy to presume that you will be promoting a new website, or re-design, re-branding etc. or just the very fact that your customers can now receive electronic newsletters.

Further down the line you may be trying to motivate purchases, or notify customers of special offers, or announce a special event. Try to maintain your message throughout your email.

Who is your audience?

Do you need to target all of your customers at once? Or are you selecting a certain demographic? It’s useful to think about who your content is most relevant to, and target it accordingly. Use what you already know about your customers in order to illustrate the benefits of your mail better.

When is the best time?

Email experts suggest that mid-day deliveries are the best time to send out an email communication. This is when your customers are most likely to be in a set-destination, whether that be work, or even on the move  thanks to smart phone accessibility.

Often Tuesdays and Wednesdays achieve the best results as people find more time  available to read your email compared to a Monday or Friday. This of course, will all depend on your audience, and what you can assume about their lifestyle.

Is your email compelling and relevant?

You need to give consumers a reason to follow up on your email content, of course. But even more importantly, you need to offer a compelling reason why they should open your email in the first place.

Research suggests that consumers will mainly open an email because they know and trust the sender. This is very closely followed by the contents of the subject line, which is why you must design an engaging but to-the-point message. Perhaps you are offering a discount or promoting a sale? If this is the case, then put in your best offer to make the consumer interested.

Most other people open their emails because it becomes routine to receive them and they consider the content valuable. Only after you have taken your first foray into the world of email marketing can you begin to build on this relationship with you customers. And don’t worry; email marketing services will be there to help you on your way.

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  1. aprimo says:

    This is why I hate email all the things that I send sound like a robot sent them. And there always to the point I never really try to establish a conversation.

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