Get Windows 7 Ultimate Edition for Free – Just throw a party

Microsoft is planning to launch windows 7 on October 22, however the home version of it will be priced at $119 and the pro will cost $199. Pretty much affordable if you ask me, also the pre-sale upgrades are available at $50 and $100 respectively. If you are planning to buy a pc with windows xp or vista now, just make sure your retailer provides a free update to windows 7 when it launches.

Windows 7 reviews are pretty good so far, its been reported to run smooth on a computer with decent specifications. So if you have a computer running vista, it should be able to run windows 7 without any hardware update. That being said, we still have to see how well it runs on the netbooks. Microsoft guys had been working on windows 7 to make it compatible on the netbook. In my opinion they could have launched a netbook edition of windows 7, honestly the windows 7 price is a bit to high for the cheap netbooks.

Now, lets get to the free thing. Yes, you can get a windows 7 free copy, and all that you have to do is throw a party. If you are selected as an official launch party host, you will be given a free windows 7 copy. So get out, call your friends and give out a party and make sure to tell them why windows 7 can be so great. Remember these are launch parties; so just throw the party anywhere you wish. If you are selected as the official launch party host, make sure you host the party from October 22 to 29 during the launch phase of win7. You will receive the free copy in your mailbox.

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