Google Down

Wow, Google is completely down at the moment, can you believe it? the big G down, i don’t even remember when was the last time Google was down, its really quite a big thing. I was checking my emails some time back and when i checked my Gmail tab again to reply the email, i was down. refreshed a few time but it still was down. I though it was problems at my end so went for checking my other tabs and windows again.

Just came back to my Gmail again, but it still is down. So thought to check out if there is any problems on it and hence opened to check it, and guess what, is down as well. refreshed it a few times, but it really is down. I thought it must be top on the trending topics, so went on to check Google trends and Google news, and they were down as well. suddenly feels like the entire world as gone down.

I just understood what Google means in our lives, and for the first time opened up Yahoo or Msn for searching, if Google is really down, and as expected, they don’t have any answers yet.

Edit: Its up and running now, i guess the downtimes had just affected some datacenters…

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4 comments on “Google Down
  1. Really? says:

    Workin’ just fine for me…

  2. gcb says:

    No it’s not – works fine for me. Did you confirm with anyone else on a different ISP before you posted this?

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi, gcb and really? (name is kept private),
      yes, its completey down at my end, all google services… did a quick twitter search and looks like its down for some other people as well…

      if its all right at your end, can you please check the google trends – and google news, that will tell you if its really down for others…

      looking foreword to your replies,
      PS. its late here, i might well be sleeping and looking foreword to check it back first thing in the morning 🙂

  3. Dana @ Blogging Update says:

    I do not aware of it. Is it really that big G down?
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