Google Fast Flip – Speed Reading Online like Offline Print

Google fast flip is the latest experiment of Google labs that lets you read online content quickly, just like you read newspapers and magazines in the real world. So what exactly Google fast flip does? Easy, it just caches the images of popular magazines and newspapers with whom Google has partnered in this project, and when the web searcher requests the page, Google fast flip displays an image of the page. That way the rich media dosenot takes ages to load on the browser and it gives the users a quick way to browse through content online.

While all this might sounds like a revolutionary method to solve content loading times online, it has some serious limitations also. Remember, it’s just the image and if the page interests, you will have to go to the real page that will take ages to load. There is no scrolling, no clicks on the links and advertisements and no watching videos or animated graphics. All you watch is an image and nothing more, so in all honesty, you still need to click the original news source to get the rest of the media that will again take ages to load, and remember all this is only done for you to avoid the slow page loadings of the original media pages.

Fast flip is still just an experiment and there is no reason to look at it negatively, it’s an idea towards faster online browsing and quick navigation. Google labs have brought so many positive things on the Internet and promised many more like the Google wave. The name fast flip suggests to move quickly or better put, flip quickly through pages of relative information and leave those that do not interest you and visit the source of those that looks promising.

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