Google Gmail beats Yahoomail in total users in India

Vizisense, an online stats aggregator, reported Google’s Gmail as India’s largest free email service provider with a user base that amounts to 18 million users. Google’s Gmail defeated the long stronghold of yahoo mail in India by beating yahoo mail in the total unique number of users. The stats based on Vizisense, shows the Gmail users to rise in numbers continuously while yahoo users are declining. The next reported is the Rediff mail users, which are also going down. On number 4 is the msn mail users, which are surprisingly increasing as well.

Gmail is definitely better than yahoo mail in most departments, its quick and Spam free while on the other hand yahoomail is filled with ads and the Spam buster is not good at all. I was not even happy with the yahoo business mail’s Spam guard. I never find any Spam on Gmail’s inbox and so I never check the Spam folders of Gmail, but with yahoo mail I find Spam in the inbox and valuable emails in the Spam folders. Though there are some limitations with Gmail like it dosenot have a tabbed browsing features, and I never really liked the labels thing, the yahoomail categories are lot better. However I would choose Gmail over yahoomail any day.

Yahoo has launched a huge campaign named, “yahoo – its you”. The campaign is all over the Indian media. I don’t think the stats will remain in Gmail’s favor with so much of advertisement done by yahoo. Will Google launch a counter advertisement campaign in the Indian off line media is yet to be seen.

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26 comments on “Google Gmail beats Yahoomail in total users in India
  1. BlogrPro says:

    Well, Gmail is far best than Yahoo Mail. But I won’t believe those Vizisense and all. They are not big in collecting this stats.
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    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi BlogrPro,
      welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comments,

      yep, no stats collectors can give reliable data though, there’s already so many fake users that determining the actual number of users will be pretty tough..

      anyways, gmail is even better than the yahoo premium paid email service…

  2. Vivek Krishnan says:

    Yahoo mail won’t succeed even with their big promotional budget. Mainly because Gmail has a world-class service with more space, better spam-protection.

    The best part is that the Gmail interface is so much more cleaner than YAhoo. Yahoo is riddled with ads and distractions.
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  3. crazy blogger says:

    Google is best than yahoo

    gmail had many new features and looks good but yahoo mail have less features and also looks bad

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi crazy blogger,
      exactly, the interface of yahoo mail is only trying to get some traffic to their news pages and then they have loads of ads… gmail is loads better…

  4. Gaurav says:

    That’s a good news, but they should be looking at performance end also. There are lot of issues occurring with gmail these days.
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    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Gaurav,
      there had been a few outrages due to server problems, but it would be unfair to say that its just with gmail or with other google services, i had seen yahoo mail have such problems too…

  5. Ruchi says:

    That is a great news i will always be supporting gmail 🙂
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  6. Tinh says:

    Interesting data, I do love Gmail as it is fast loading and simple
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  7. Rajesh Kanuri says:

    Google Rocks..
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  8. Aery says:

    I wonder whether this holds true for all the world.
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  9. Ramkumar says:

    The percentage of people using Yahoo has been reducing since 2005. Inspite of making more changes like messenger on mail, the new yahoo look., results are still the same.
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  10. Ching Ya says:

    I’m not surprise to hear that. ^^ Personally I’m a big fan of Gmail. Yahoo was good but Gmail is easier to manage and less spammy comparing to other services. Or maybe it’s just the matter of preferences. GTalk, Wave.. everything is easier with Gmail.

    Social/Blogging Tracker
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  11. Ujwal Tickoo says:

    I prefer Yahoo! Mail over GMail and dont wish to switch in the longterm also. I prefer Y! Mail’s interface. I dont like search based mail from Google although I maintain a GMail account.
    Plus you are completely incorrect about spam in GMail. I get spammed daily in GMail. So please dont just consider your experience to be relevant to all users.
    Google is better than Yahoo! in Search and I use Google for Search. But translating that to every product from these two companies is a shallow opinion. I feel people get baised primarily by larger Revenue that Google earns to say Google is better than Yahoo! *in the entire online product portfolio*.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Ujwal Tickoo,
      welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comment,

      i hardly find anyone complaining about gmail spam, you are actually the first in that regard. interface i can understand, but what about the big ads in yahoomail? doesn’t it distract you, bothers you? and i guess you should agree that gmail has speed,

  12. asdasdasd says:

    Shut up you fools. English rules us, now its going to be google. Indians love to be ruled. We never had an opinion of our own, inherit our opinion from wht others think or say. Ads are an integral part of online world, thats where the revenue comes in you ass holes. Google makes this revenue by spying on your habits. Dont u get it you fools

  13. Prashant says:

    I think both have some pro and cons , i use both…

  14. Prashant says:

    i use both

  15. bharat says:

    it depends on what e-mail you are used to …

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