Google Wave – Next Generation of Internet Communication

So, what exactly is Google wave? Google wave is going to be a mixture of instant messages, emails, wiki and a lot more stuff like videos, pictures etc. While for most regular users it might be a fun way to communicate as its absolutely real time, type as you read, but for the developers it might be a very powerful tool. From what it looks like, Google wave is going to be a real time thread of conversations that can be referred to earlier postings as an email or instant messages and can be edited by all the recipients like a wiki.

30th September 2009 is the date fixed to launch the Google wave to the public, currently its being used by a select few which mostly includes Google employees and developers. It is being created by Google web toolkit.

Communication on the Internet evolved from traditional methods, for example twitter has evolved from sms, remember we all used to broadcast group sms a few years back, now all we do is tweet. Phone calls and post mails have turned into emails and voice messages. Things are changing fast on the Internet, and Google wave is surely going to mix up a lot of features, which are everyday habits of the Internet users. Forums or wiki’s were never under the users own control and instant messages and emails was only send and watch sort of a thing, now that Google wave promises a lot more features, editing a sent email will be quite an interesting thing to do.

In the days of apps and plugins, the original features never really bothers many. Google has already planned to release a lot part of the code, and its all open source so lots of 3rd party services are also expected to come in. This way, wave windows might be used into blogs for display, quite possibly like the twitter or mybloglog windows.

What websites and services can feel the heat, once the Google wave makes a successful entry into the Internet:

Wikipedia – just like the wiki sites, the waves can be edited by anyone, as it’s all shared. However the play back feature is going to be a plus here, that way editing information and checking into the past history of the thread will be easy. Also the fact that some bots will add information to the threads, and some features like auto correct and language conversations looks very promising.

Instant messenger and chat – we cannot edit information posted in the chat or instant message window. But we can do so in the Google wave, and everything that you type in your instant message window is live, that is, your friend at the receiving end can read the text as you type it, so he won’t have to wait for you to hit the enter, he can read as you type.

Email – The same reason as above and the fact that email used to be a send and forget kind of a thing, which is old school now as in Google wave we can actually edit and add information to a sent email makes me sense the power of Google wave. And yes, no attachments just drag the file and drop it in the wave. Everyone will have access to the file.

Twitter – Will Google wave make twitter thing of the past? Can we site back and think, “once upon a time, we used to tweet” and now we do the wave thing. Its still to see, however Google wave is not so similar to twitter, but both can act as a micro blogging platform, and Google wave is a lot more realtime.

Google certainly is going to get a lot more information out of the net users with a service like this; instant messages and emails were out of reach from Google bot previously. Now with the Google wave coming in, Google bot will have a whole lot of emails, chat records and instant messages to crawl.

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