gScreen Spacebook – The Duel Screen Laptop

A technology firm from Alaska has promised to launch a duel screen laptop, named as “Spacebook” and is expected to reach the stores at the end of the year. The company is planning to sell it both online [Amazon, etc.] and offline internationally. A great gadget to have for the Christmas.

The features of the laptop includes, 2.26 GHz Intel core2 duo processor, 320 GB disk space, pretty much enough to loads of data, and 4 GB ram which is absolutely needed to run so many applications that are going to work together in both the screens, along with the twin 15.4 inch LCD screens. It’s a powerful machine, quite the opposite of the netbooks available these days. The target market for this laptop is the designers or other technicians who are not bothered about the price, which is about $3000 and the weight, which is naturally going to be a lot due to two screens and the heavy battery.

Its going to be a feature rich laptop, with 7200 RPM harddisk, the Nvidia discrete graphics GF900M GT for high end graphics needs which includes 512 MB video memory, the dvd player, yes you need it, what else you will do with the 2 screens, and the powerful 9 cell battery. It’s going to have a full size keyword too.

So, how is an equal size twin screen going to help? Lets see, its like 30 inch of LCD display which can have multiple windows open, that way we can easily refer to multiple documents and analyze each one without having to minimize other windows. It’s easy to create reports that way. Surely multi-tasking abilities will increase with a laptop like this, or we can just watch a film and play a game simultaneously. Surely sounds impressive, Gordon Stewart (I guess that’s where the g of gscreen came from) must be given some credit for this work.

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