Guest Blogging Contest on Blogengage and I am on it

This is the first time am going to enter in a blogging contest. The contest is being hosted at blogengage. In the last 7+ years of my blogging career, I have never dared to enter in a blogging content, something always pulls me back. Perhaps the fear of losing or perhaps not being able to put my best feet foreword at the right time… I don’t know. But this time I really want to enter, just for the fun of it. So, here is a little explanation about the contest and its rules.

It is a guest blogging contest and I am supposed to write a good guest post on any industry specific topic and submit it to blog engage. Next, a post here announcing that I am in. And if all goes good, then I win some prize money. $500 is the total prize amount, 250 for the first, 150 for the second and 100 for the 3rd. The last time I won something was a toaster, and I hate eating toasts. I hope some cold hard cash comes along this time.



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The contest started from the 4st of February, which means it is already running for a month and it will end on the 31st of March. So, we still have a whole month to put our entries in. While that thought was making me lazy however the generosity of the owner of blogengage, bbrian017, made me finally jump on the content, and that too, right now. He accepted my request to change the userid that I was having on blogengage to something that I really wanted. Yeah, my name – uttoransen. So, I kicked my laziness away and started working on this post that I was planning for the last month or so.

Moving on, let’s take a look on those good people that decided on sponsoring this contest. Also, at this point am making a mental note of offering myself as a sponsor for the next content, something that I also want to do always but never quite make it.

Spork marketing – This service offers creating professional blogs, business blog consulting, maintaining and managing them at professional quality. Among other services, they will explain the workings of a blog, like how to maintain daily blogging activities etc. Their basic package starts at under $1k, so why not give it a try and see for yourself.

Holiday rentals – Want to earn money renting your home? If you do, and you are from the U.K. then look no more, because our next sponsor, the home away holiday rentals are there to make you rich. Travellers from around the world look for houses to stay during their vacation. Booking a hotel is not exactly as private and comfortable when compared to your own home. Earn money by renting your home to these travellers.

My blog guest – I have already talked about my blog guest and how Ann smarty has come up with an exciting venture that is helping me and so many other bloggers in spreading and receiving quality content. She has also decided to sponsor this contest. Guest blogging rocks.

Straight north – Straight north is a SEO firm that does PPC and other internet marketing services, because they believe that success won’t come by an accident.

Off shore ally – Looking for a Virtual Assistant for your work, give off shore ally a try. They even have a 7 day trial offer so that you can check for yourself and decide if you want to continue with them.

Cn go globeGuangzhou Web Design provide Seo and web design related services.

Invesp – if you run any business at all, you will understand that the most important thing is conversion. Not traffic, not content, but what you make at the end of the day. This service helps you in conversion optimization so that you get more sales.

Nursing uniforms – Planning on a nursing career, while I can give you no tips on that, I can at least point you to this sponsor where you can buy medical and lab coat.

So, that rounds up the sponsors for this exciting contest, for which am a participant. My guest post will be submitted for review tonight itself. Don’t forget to check it out on blogengage.

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