How do Mobile Marketers attract Brick and Mortar Business?

What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the usage of mobile phones or hand held devices to advertise and promote a particular business to a target audience. It may involve text messaging, mobile web sites, mobile applications or a fusion of all three. Mobile marketers can teach mobile strategies, implement mobile marketing techniques and train their customers staff on ho to use these methods. There are mobile marketers that only guide customers on their initial steps into mobile marketing and there are mobile marketers that do everything for their customers.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

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What can you get from mobile marketing? As a mobile marketing provider, you can get lucrative sales by selling your skills to local businesses. As a business owner, you can get new customers and maintain existing ones.

In addition, you can also build and establish your brand by connecting with customers on a totally different level, on their mobile phones that they trust in. Think about it, you wouldn’t think twice about letting your friend use your PC but its a totally different thing if your friend wanted to peruse your cell phone. No way, that’s my phone man! Mobile phones are the world’s first PERSONAL media outlet. Its almost comparable to your tooth brush.

How do you sell mobile marketing to local businesses? There are basically two ways. First is to sell through educating your potential customers. You can hold free workshops. You can probably negotiate some free time at your local bank if you allow one of the bank representatives to offer some of their financial packages to the audience before your presentation. You can spark some interest by approaching a local business in your neighborhood and handing the owner a tips sheet (or an article). At the bottom of the tip sheet, you can include a little note that talks about a free workshop you are giving. You can give your tip sheet or workshop an attention-grabbing title. “Mobile Marketing WILL Get You More Customers” is one example. Another method is by demonstrating the power of mobile marketing. You can give examples of an SMS message advertisement, mobile web site, or a mobile app. It’s a good idea if you can demonstrate this on your phone. But it is better idea if you can demonstrate it on their cell phones. You will surely gain some fans and converts into the world of mobile marketing by demonstrating the fundamental principles via text messaging.

A little bit more about Text messaging marketing:

SMS messaging is the trend right now in mobile marketing. What types of sms mobile text ads are there? There’s the simple mobile coupon. For instance, you can place banners or signs that say “Text ORANGE to ##### to get Free Orange Juice”. But if you say free, make sure that your customers don’t need to buy anything just to get the freebie. Otherwise, it will greatly disappointment them. You should also tell people on your text list that they will get text ads on a regular basis. Another example of a type of text ad is a two-way SMS campaign. This means that you are giving your client choices on what types of messages they will receive. Or you can have a text club. Just have your members register through your online site and send them messages about your club regularly.

In conclusion…

Mobile devices are indispensable. People can no longer live without them. People always carry their mobile devices everywhere they go. Use this fact to your advantage. Reach your customers by making use of mobile advertising.

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