How to Choose the Right SEO Vendor

Your company’s website is the face of your business and SEO is the cornerstone of a successful online presence. Therefore, choosing the right SEO company or contractor is absolutely fundamental to your success. Here are eight tips on making the right choice.

1. Know your objectives

What do you hope to achieve by hiring an SEO expert? In what way and to what extent do you hope to use SEO to boost your site? Knowing these goals is essential so that you can communicate them to the vendor and that you have a list of targets to gauge their performance against.

2. Get recommendations from colleagues and friends

Ask around and find out who others chose to do their SEO work. Was that vendor easy to work with? Cost-effective? Remember, you don’t just want a recommendation of a good SEO, you need a recommendation of an SEO expert who’s good at your specific needs.

3. Learn the basics of SEO



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Learning a little bit about SEO can only help you in your search for the right vendor. Otherwise, how will you know what questions to ask and what issues to flag as they come along?

4. Look for vendors with a good track history

It should be easy for vendors to provide you with names of companies they’ve done some impressive work for. You don’t want to work with a company that is brand new and still trying to find its footing or, worse, a company that has been around for a while but haven’t managed to succeed with past customers.

5. Communicate effectively

It’s all too easy for a potential SEO partner to send an impressive generic email. We advise you to talk on the phone or better yet, if it’s possible meet them in person. If you do talk on the phone, try to ensure that you’re talking to the people who’ll actually be doing the SEO work.

6. Ask lots of questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Nobody expects the vendor to spend hours answering your in-depth queries but, at the very least, ensure that you ask them about the basics, for example, how do they handle unexpected issues that may arise?

7. Get quotations from multiples vendors

Don’t limit yourself to a quote from one vendor, despite a company’s impressive recommendations. Compare and contrast prices and services from at least four different vendors. Price can vary wildly. The most expensive isn’t necessarily the best.

8. Think about how much you can afford to spend

It’s important to have a clear budget before entering into an agreement with a company. SEO, whilst very important, isn’t the only consideration you’ll have when it comes to marketing your website so be sure to set realistic spending goals.

About the guest author – If you plan to make a large investment, it would be best to run a full background check on the potential candidates for the job. In order to get objective assessments and information, you can use background check services. I hope my article enlighten you enough.

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3 comments on “How to Choose the Right SEO Vendor
  1. Akhilesh says:

    Another very important point which the author missed is :- Do not fall for false promises. No one can guarantee a top spot in search results.

    • uttoransen says:

      hello Akhilesh, welcome to Tech Nascent, and thanks for your comments,
      Yeah, no one should give a guarantee when it comes to rankings because it is a 3rd party they are dealing with over which they do not have a direct control.

  2. John says:

    I agree with Akhilesh… there are so many companies who would promise anything just to get a bit of business. If it looks too good it will be too good to be true!

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