How to convert JPG images to ICO

JPG, PNG and BMP are popular extensions for picture files however if you want to create an icon image or a favicon for your blogs and website then you would need a .ico extension. There are many picture editing softwares that can be used to do this, however not all those popular softwares are free, actually very few you would find for free. So, for making it simple we will be using ms paint which is available as a default program in every version of the windows.

Open your ms paint which is located in the start menu – all programs – accessories – paint. Click on paint and once it opened, browse to find the picture you want to convert in an icon file. Icons are usually small, say 16 pixel square so you perhaps want to re-size the picture to that size. The ms paint that comes with windows7 has a great built in image re-sizer which am using actively these days. Once the image is resized, go to save as option. Next you would need to name the image, so select the image extension from the drop down as 24 bit BMP and name the image as anyname.ico and paint will save the image as an icon file.

That’s all, it’s done, you have an icon file ready, or perhaps a favicon that needs to be uploaded at the root of your website to work properly. Make sure to rename the image to favicon before you upload it.

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15 comments on “How to convert JPG images to ICO
  1. Vivek @ InfoEduTech.Com says:

    I haven’t hear about .ico images thanks for mentioning it here.

  2. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says:

    I have been using this techniques for a long time
    any way
    this is a usefull post for newbie

  3. Ramkumar says:

    Nice one, I used some website to convert my JPG or PNG files to icon files,. but this method is far method.
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  4. Tinh says:

    I usually used online tool to do this
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  5. Rajesh says:

    Thanks for sharing.
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  6. Saksham Talwar says:

    Nice tip friend! This is an easy method indeed!

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Saksham Talwar,
      welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comments 🙂
      its quite a basic article, though very helpful for those that don’t know about it,

  7. ajay says:

    google it you can get a lot of ico makers. true most of them are not free, but install it and then try to patch them 😀

  8. Rakesh Solanki says:

    great and useful post because ICO is very important extension for favicon lovers.
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  9. custom-web-design says:

    hadnt worked on ICO images before…thanks for sharing:)

  10. vicky says:

    yes i agree with you. most of the major image manipulation softwares available could do the conversion in simple save-as ways.

  11. itlady says:

    Thanks a lot. Now, i am ok with your way :))))

  12. Debiatus says:

    I just wona say tanx, your page is really helpful, hope to see more

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