How to Find That Perfect SEO Job

It is no secret that the SEO industry is in a strong position with agencies looking to grow their teams and companies looking to improve their online presence and building teams in-house. As an SEO you are in a great position, particularly if you have proven results and a good track record.

You are in a position where you can make sure the job you are applying for can meet your own personal targets and ambitions. At the end of the day, you need to make sure in the interview that the company takes the role of SEO seriously and is committed to achieving and driving results.

Choosing the right job role can of course be tricky and you should not be exclusively focussed on the remuneration, but what you want to achieve as an in-house SEO and here is a brief list of questions that you should be asking to help you find this out. Overall you should be able to find out if the interviewers know their stuff when it comes to SEO or whether they are just hiring to fill a position.



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1. What is the current internal structure for SEO? – You are going to want to find out who you will be working with, who there is to support you, such as development teams and to find out who sign off on the important decisions as some on site changes can cause a bit of an uproar in the upper levels of the hierarchy.

2. At what value would you perceive an SEO campaign to the overall Marketing Mix within your company? – Definitely throw the interviewer this huge question as you will then see if they truly appreciate the work that goes into SEO and should then lead onto the next question;

3. What are your targets for increasing your online presence? – You should be prompting a response to see whether they have specific targets of an increase in traffic, online sales, Facebook “likes”, there are many different KPI’s and if you know these from the off, you should be able to strategise ways to meet these targets easier.

4. What is the budget for the campaign and ongoing campaigns? – We’re not talking buying links per se, but having a budget for the SEO campaign means there is a bit more of a variety of tactics you can implement. If a company doesn’t have any budget whatsoever, it should send alarm bells ringing.

5. Are there conference budgets available? – Anyone who has been to an SEO conference knows that the best kept secrets aren’t shared on stage, they are shared in the networking meetings after a light hearted dinner and wine. But I have found these to be invaluable and to progress your own position as an influential SEO marketer.

I would say that every SEO is different and there is not a universal fit for every SEO into any SEO role, I would argue that everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, preferred tactics and different ideas and interests. The trick is to find the correct company to suit you. Remember you are the one that is in demand, otherwise they wouldn’t be hiring.

Guest blogger Andy struggled to find a job doing what he wanted to but with the help of  online recruitment firm Web Recruit found a dream job. Follow him on his twitter @andym23

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7 comments on “How to Find That Perfect SEO Job
  1. John says:

    Any SEO job is very difficult. You can describe what you will be doing, what it needs but at the end of the day you will be spending months doing something in the front of the computer but there is no guarantees that it will improve your ranking!

  2. Download ZooZoo Ads says:

    thanks for sharing. Internet marketing and SEO are booming industry in India. lot of job seekers.

  3. Smart Traffic Review says:

    Just because you know something doesn’t always mean you’re good at it. Applying for an SEO job isn’t pretty easy. You talk the talk and you’ll have to walk the walk. It’s better to focus more on what you do best may it be in Analysis, Marketing or on the Technical side.

  4. Will says:

    I must agree that the SEO industry has been growing fast for the past few years. Given the fact that more and more people are using the internet, there’s no doubt the more companies will scramble to hire their SEO staff to increase their online presence…

  5. patrice says:

    Will great idea guys i like this article. thanks!

  6. ChristaJGriffin says:

    Yeah!I also agree of that SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the driving force behind many of the sales made online.A business can be the first to reach Internet users if it has a high search engine ranking. That’s the goal of an SEO job – to improve or increase a business’s search engine ranking.

  7. Josephine says:

    “How to Find That Perfect SEO Job”

    Must reach the qualifications. Must know what are you applying. Must confident to take interview.

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