How to Remove Virus from Hard Disk that does not have Anti Virus Installed

A computer with updated anti virus usually protects from most common computer virus. But sometimes due to our own fault we forget to update it, or it might be possible that the subscription of the anti virus has lapsed or we might have forgot to install an anti virus software at all. So, in a situation like this when we have an infected system with no anti virus installed, following are the steps to remove the virus and make your system clean:

  1. Back up your data – When a virus enters your computer, it starts destroying and corrupting your important files and documents. Once a file is corrupted, the anti virus will delete it or quarantine it. That way you will lose your important records. So the best thing to do is, to backup all your important data. Yes the backup with contain virus, but atleast you will have the data safe that could be later cleaned and made virus free. So, take out some blank cd or dvd and write your data on it.

  2. Since your harddisk already have the virus on it, so it will always be hard to successfully install the anti-virus software on it. So we are not going to use your corrupted HDD to start your computer. Rather we will use a fresh harddisk that has an updated operating system and updated anti virus software installed on it.

  3. Set your updated and clean hard disk drive as primary and put the corrupted one as secondary. Boot from your updated hard disk and start your computer. Once the system starts, run full system scan and get yourself busy somewhere else while the anti virus complete it’s scanning. It might take some time because your system has 2 hard disk one of those is badly infected. Also, I have to add a small disclaimer here, that the virus from your corrupted HDD might come to your fresh one, however if you’re anti virus is updated then it will most likely detect and delete the virus.

  4. Once you finish a virus scan and delete the virus or quarantine it, your next step is to scan for adware and spyware. There are numerous types of viruses these days which are classified into different types by their malicious intent, for example, spyware, adware, key logger, etc. Ad Aware se Personal or Sybot are some software, which are used to clean this kind of stuff.

  5. Once everything is done, shut down your computer and remove your fresh hard disk and boot from your previously corrupted, now clean hard disk. Install and anti virus on it and update it. Run scan again and hopefully the scan results will declare your system to be clean.

  6. Since a virus was on your computer so chances are that the virus has corrupted some of your operating system’s files. If you are on windows xp, I would recommend you to go to run and type cmd. In the command screen, type – sfc /scannow. You will be asked to provide your windows xp cd. Wait for the system to scan and replace corrupted windows files with the original files from the windows cd.

These steps should clean your system. If you have lost any data then you already have the backup files, but remember those backup files might contain the virus. So just copy down the backup cd to your computer and once the copying is complete run a scan on the files directly. That should instantly detect and delete the virus from those files. And from this time, do not forget to update your anti virus again.

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3 comments on “How to Remove Virus from Hard Disk that does not have Anti Virus Installed
  1. lenovo australia says:

    From my experiences, it’s the best is to try to backup data files before wiping the hard disk clean is an accident waiting to happen, you’re bound to overlook some. One way to insure that all files are backed up is to make a disk image backup.

  2. NARAYANA says:

    I am using Kaspersky antivirous, but kaspersky asking before clean the virous you are must and should enter serial key after clean your computer. But i have installed trial version in my computer where i find the kaspersky key.
    2)cleaning the virous (boot sector ) which is the best antivious which is clen my computer pls tell me.

  3. NARAYANA says:

    i am using kaspersky antivirous,whenever i scan my system before cleaning the maching asking kaspersky key you must and should enter the key.

    2)which is the best antivous program is best in my computer

    my computer is :320+160 hard disk
    1gb ram
    p4 intel procession
    windows vista

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