How to Transfer Web Hosting of a Pligg Website

Pligg is an open source script by which you can make Digg like websites on which people can register and vote and submit stories that they like. This is one of the most popular social bookmarking website creation software platform available on the internet. In this article I will discuss a good enough method by which you can transfer the hosting of a pligg website, that is transfer a pligg database from one host to another.

Let us go straight on this, pligg is not the best CMS available around, but its popular and you don’t have much alternative in this niche either. Pligg does not have the wordpress like feature where you can do an XML feed backup and restore, to quickly transfer a website. So you will have to do it the hard way as you are left with the SQL backup option alone. Transferring pligg sites is a bit of a hard work for various reasons. The SQL file becomes rather big once you have an established pligg site because it contains member data, story submission details etc. much of it is spam and you know it already. So before you proceed make sure to do a clean up, the kill spam feature in the pligg admin panel comes handy.

This guide is mainly targeted towards godaddy only, however if you have any ideas about how to use the same idea for other hosting, make sure to add it on the comments. This guide is specifically posted for pligg but you can use the same idea for other CMS backup and restore as well. Get a godaddy account if you have not already. I will try to come up with more such guides covering other web hosts.

Firstly, do the database backup. For godaddy users, you have the database backup option under your hosting control panel. From there schedule a backup and in a few hours time, your backup file will be ready in your _db_backups folder. Download the backup SQL file to your computer when its ready. Alternatively, you can always export an SQL file from phpmyadmin.

Once you have your backup database ready, go to and download the pligg CMS. Make sure to download the same version that you have been using previously, else the database backup might not work. Once you have the pligg script installed on your new host, which is godaddy in our case, just upload the downloaded database in the _db_backups folder using your FTP. Create the folder if it is not already there, usually the folder is created once you make a backup.

After you have done this, just login to your godaddy hosting control panel, select the hosting account, navigate to the database and click on the restore. Do the restore and you will have the database restored by the godaddy system.

The alternate way, which is explained everywhere is to import the exported database by phpmyadmin. But practically, and the pligg users know it already, that once the SQL file is big enough, phpmyadmin is never able to import it successfully. While here, the process becomes a lot easier as godaddy system does the work. There is also another method, and I found it on the pligg website, unfortunately its too technical and no one seems to understand it properly. I hope this simple method will be helpful to all. Make sure to share the link of this post and tweet it, if it helps.

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    This is a valuable post. I will be following it. I have never transferred a pligg site before. I will be doing it from my dreamhost account. If there are any people doing this. Please comment.


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