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I have been hearing about the info links for sometime but was just too lazy to signup for it. Kontera was already doing good, so I did not bothered to signup for info links, just until a few days back when I finally kicked up myself and joined info links. Am just thankful to god that I finally signed up, as on the very first day I got a $1.46 click. I don’t even remember when I got a such high amount per click from even adsense. If this goes on, then I guess we have a super alternative for adsense coming up. Anyways, so far its been all good for me.

What is Info Links:

Info links is an in-text advertising network, loads a bit faster than kontera and pays a lot more.

info links earning reports

info links earning reports

Here is an image that shows the proof of my info links earnings, i have removed the ctr and ecpm fields, as am not too sure whether disclosing those are allowed or not, its just 2 days am using this info links, first i though that i will wait for a week and see the progress and then blog about it, but i could not resist the wait and finally blogged about it here.

So, how do I signup:

Easy – Just click here – and register for free in Info Links.

In text ads are a great way to boost your online income, as it dosenot take up any additional space on your websites and blogs. Also the fact that it pays by paypal gives these networks an additional point, as paypal money always helps to work and develop our sites further. I just hope that the earnings keep stable. And for you readers of uttoransen dot com, I suggest you all to sign in to this network fast and give your websites an additional stream of income.

Payment screenshot of info links

Payment screenshot of info links

Edit: Info Links has just paid me, so i thought to take out a screenshot and post here. People doubted about their payments and always asked me whether they pays or not. Since i got my first payment, now i can promote this ads network with a more powerful voice. Thanks, infolinks 🙂

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53 comments on “Info Links – In Text Contextual Ads Network
  1. dee says:

    Yes, Infolinks is a good alternative to Adsense

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi dee, welcome to uttoran sen dot com,
      so far am crossing $150+ a month on info links, its a great alternative and at the same time it complements adsense in a good way too,

      • Ron says:

        My infolinks performance is very poor. for example yesterday i got 827 impressions 38 clicks and $0.17 total ? so my Cpc is almost $0.005. my blog is just a week old so it doesn’t have an alexa rank but still $0.005 i am thinking of dropping infolinks

        • uttoransen says:

          a week old blog with 800+ impressions… i have to ask, how many of those visitors are from search engines?

          • Ron says:

            There is a service called Google sms channels available in india. there are many groups in it and one of them was a group called worldcup_2011 with some 30k subscribers. i convinced the owner of the group to send 1 msg ” visit this cool site and learn hacking from beginner level to advance level” so that msg went to those 30000 subscribers and 800 of them actually saw the site…i got some 40-50 visitors who came by searching the site name probably cuz they read the msg. and only 5-10 were actual visitors who searched for keywords and came there…i had planned for some 40 posts and published them altogether to start my blog with a bang!

          • uttoransen says:

            Nice, i value all kind of traffic and a social group would give you some lasting traffic as well. But, this kind of traffic is difficult to monatize, it is not just with info links, you would have terrible conversion rates with any network if you got traffic from social sources… let the search engine traffic start to come, then you will see a rise in your per click amount.

          • Ron says:

            Thanks…next day i got 600 impressions and 22 clicks and $0.03 total..hope it increases as you said…if i wouldn’t have found your site the day when i searched for infolinks, my blog would have only Adsense ads..any other ad network you think i should use along with Adsense and infolinks

  2. Malathy Badri says:

    Infolinks-can I run it alongside Google adsense?
    .-= Malathy Badri´s last blog ..Get paid to post anything. =-.

  3. Yusups says:

    Great but how to increase your earning? I only make less than $1per day. Share your tips dude!

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi yusups,
      earnings directly depends on the content and traffic. Infolinks is an intext ads which do not require optimizing like adsense.

      My tip is, work hard on search engine traffic, add quality articles as much as you can. Slowly you will see a rise of traffic and earnings,

  4. rizzy-Follow me on Twitter says:

    I signed up to infotech with your account.
    Regards: rizzy

  5. Uttoran Sen says:

    hi rizzy, how you doing,
    great to know that you joined info links, its a great in-text ads network, pays on par with adsense.

  6. Taylor says:

    Infolinks can’t run alongside with AdSense because it’s contextual…

  7. Uttoran Sen says:

    hi taylor,
    That part of adsense tos has changes a long time back, here’s the latest TOS:

    Competitive Ads and Services
    In order to prevent user confusion, we do not permit Google ads or search boxes to be published on websites that also contain other ads or services formatted to use the same layout and colors as the Google ads or search boxes on that site. Although you may sell ads directly on your site, it is your responsibility to ensure these ads cannot be confused with Google ads.

    Source –

  8. Malathy Badri says:

    I appreciate uttoransen’s prompt response to every comment. A great asset to every online as well as offline business organization.

  9. Jabulela says:

    I signed up with info links for 1 website, but I want to put the infolinks on other site also. Do I need to email them and let them know about the extra websites?

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi Jabulela,
      once they approve your account they will send you an email, just reply to that email and give them a list of your other sites and they will include them all. Then you can place info links on all other sites of yours,

  10. SSVS says:

    Cool! I might try infolinks. Thanks for the info and screenshots.

  11. Indrabhan says:

    hii uttoron.

    can i run both adsense and infolinks ? …….

  12. Girish says:

    is info link works for Indian market?

  13. Evans says:

    This is something I should definitely start looking into to increase my online income. I currently have a huge list of affiliate programmes, but I guess every little helps.

  14. Girish says:

    is there any referal scheme for info link?

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi Girish,
      yep, info links has a referral system, am not too sure how the referral revenue is calculated, but last month i have been paid $50 in referral fees.

  15. TuanAnhBB says:

    I’m not very clear about its rules. If they are just as simple as written on InfoLinks website, that would be great 🙂

    It seems to me that not every publisher can join InfoLinks referral system ? There should be some criteria i guess

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi TuanAnhBB,
      The rules of info links is simple, that’s the part i love about info links. Nothing hidden, anyone can join and no fixed commitment. Also the referral system is available for everyone, just contact info links support and ask for a referral link.

  16. Premium Themes says:

    Hello – good article and I wanted to let all you guys know that infolinks rocks…I signed up with them 2 days ago and we made $35 yesterday…I would not say its a good adsense alternative but a good alternative to Kontera…On that same site we make about 300 from adsense so the additional $35 was nice in this economy… 🙂 They pay almost 3 to 4 times more than Kontera… I hope the ecpm doesnt go down like the rest of the ad networks… best of luck to you all.

  17. Uttoran Sen says:

    Just got some queries by email, so here are the answers:

    1) How to integrate info links properly,
    ans: Just paste the infolinks code in the footer of your website, more details are available here –

    2) about payments – as i have already mentioned, payments are always on time, and i love to have payments by paypal, this gives me more opportunity to work for my websites, like pay for content etc.

  18. Abdul Rahman says:

    Infolinks is really cool. It adds more links to my website and makes it look real rich.

  19. Sirshatterstar says:

    I really hope infolinks pays. On my first month with them I got $300 and It’s almost 45 days now. Hoping so much to receive the payment soon. Just this month I got $400 from them. It’s really great! yeah you can use them with adsense. Though I earn more from adsense. infolinks is such a big help!

  20. robert says:

    With few thousand clicks a month from adsense I get less than Infolinks which makes me say go to Infolinks. I have both on same site, they’re working fine – I had no issues so far.

    I found another problem with adsense, revenue, cpm, ect are numbers that will be chnaged form one day to another. Say you make $12 for may 15, 2009 – if you check the status on May 25, revenue earned for may 15 went down to $4.50. It does not make any sense to me… not to mention google anaylitics which shows different reports for same site, same dates.
    Go figure.


    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi Sirshatterstar,
      so, have you got your money? they take 45 days time to make the payment, once you reach the qualifying amount,

      hi robert,
      adsense was facing reporting problems, and it was showing a less amount in the visual report. but its just the visual thing, your actual earnings are all right. and i think they have fixed it as well.

  21. christmas shopping says:

    not really, its not 45 days again to wait the money to our paypal, but its 30 days now, i get the payment just after 30 days after last payment periode that get minimum balance $100, did you still 45 days?

    and now there is new feature, we can add websites to our infolinks accoutn, to track our website like channel in adsense, yiihaaa 😀
    .-= christmas shopping´s last blog ..Christmas and holiday season – Shopping =-.

    • Uttoran Sen says:

      hi christmas shopping,
      why don’t you use name in the name field, that way i can address you better,
      anyways welcome to Uttoran Sen Dot com,

      yes, its 30 days now, am paid monthly too,
      just noticed the add websites option, am looking foreword to add a few more site to that list,


  22. max says:

    Infolinks pays me 0.01 for every 3 clicks!!
    i will remove it as soon as website is and providing lists so it sends very high quality traffic.

  23. Vibrant Media says:

    Hi – I work for Vibrant Media. I’d be happy to talk to publishers interested in joining our network.  We offer the leading technology as well as the most relevant, most premium, and highest paying ads.  You can reach me via email at. I’ll reply within 1 business day.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Vibrant Media,
      i think i had tried you in the past, but can’t recall much, i will give it another try and see if it helps. I was looking for some intext alternatives, though infolinks is still doing all right, made $150+ this month too… but still alternatives are always welcome 🙂

      had to remove the email id from your comment to save it from spam…

      • Ron says:

        I am interested in joining vibrant media…can you tell me that person’s email id who works for vibrant media…you can post in comments section on any of the pages of my blog i have enabled comment moderation so the email won’t be published

  24. essay writer says:

    Hello. Nice article. Write more bout InfoLinks!

  25. Harriet Russell says:

    have anyone noticed that infolinks earnings this week have been a bit lower.,`;

  26. Alyson says:

    just signed up to info links currently on 0.05 per click not bad i guess ill see how it goes for a couple months great post.

  27. Android Wall says:

    well im gonna try infolink and see if its effective to my blog

  28. Careerfreak says:

    Does the payment change based on alexa rank or is it the same for wach and every website. Bcoz getting 1 cent for 3 clicks is a bit too low for me.

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