Internet is changing – Asian letters for domain names

Internet, in its life of 4 decades had only seen English letter domain names. Apparently, ICANN is holding a meeting in Seoul, which will decide whether other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Bengali etc. will be used to register domain names or not. This step, if implemented then entire domain names will be, for the first time, registered without Latin letters. This will open up the Internet for more audience throughout the world.

This plan of letting domains registered in Non-Latin alphabets was long approved in 2008 and since then the system is being tested. If the implementation proposal is approved then domains with non-Latin characters will be registered from the mid of November 2009.

DNS, domain name system, has to be worked on and necessary arrangements has to be made, so that the system recognize non-Latin characters. Possibly a real time language converter tool might help. Some similar, unofficial systems are already in place in countries like china, but its all-very buggy. This new official step will solve those problems as well.

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12 comments on “Internet is changing – Asian letters for domain names
  1. IDN Sceptic says:

    But what will happen to keyboards (or needs to happen) with the introduction of non-latin extensions? No keyboard could possibly cope with all the different characters?

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi IDN Sceptic,
      would love to see your name in the name field next time so that i can address you properly,

      anyways, i don’t think keyboards would be a big issue, with an available software or script, the typed keys would just interpret something else on the screen…

  2. Tech-Freak Stuff says:

    I have also heard about ICANN finalizing the arrival of .BHARAT Domain names. This will be a real treat!
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  3. VISHAL says:

    Great man,

    Thanks for the post
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  4. Rajesh Kanuri says:

    hey then soon we ll have domains in our regional languages.. Thanks for the info
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    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Rajesh Kanuri,
      yep, it will be an exciting thing for many local business to have a domain on their shops name… i will register a few good ones myself 😀

  5. Aery says:

    So there would be no premium domains…. Oh my god, i am looted. I have collection of some 20 domains.
    .-= Aery´s last blog ..Useful List of Orkut Softwares =-.

    • Tech Nascent says:

      hi Aery,
      welcome to tech nascent and thanks for your comments,

      premium domains are always valuable and especially if they are brandable .com domains, other language domains can’t bring down the value of good quality English domain names…

  6. custom-web-design says:

    basically more the usage of internet more will be the change in internet….now mostly keywords are searched in Asian letters or language style.

  7. Industrial Cranes says:

    Yes I agree internet is changing. Now a days, Asian names are in very much demand. It is all because India, China, Hong kong and Singapore are one of the biggest economies in this world.

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