IPFones IP-700M USB Internet World Skype Phone

In 2005 the IPFones Global family introduced to the world the IPFones IP-700M USB Internet World Skype Phone. The World Skype Phone allowed users to handle all of their IP communication with one product. It was fully certified with Skype, the leader in VOIP operation, and was the first digital USB Internet phone to earn this designation. Skype handles roughly 200,000 downloads everyday from first time users, and is estimated to have had hundreds of millions of downloads since its’ development.

Since the IP-Fones-IP-700M phone, two more generations of the phone were planned for release. The second generation was to include, built in, large flash drives, an IPfones interface and full Skype software. Generation three was to be even more grand with speakerphone capabilities, Blue tooth, a rechargeable battery, an adapter cable and even speech recognition built right into the phone. I’m not sure that this ever came to fruition. I can easily find and purchase the original IP-700M phone online, but I have had some difficulty locating these subsequent, upgraded models.

The IP-700M USB Internet World Skype Phone works with any type of Internet connection. Whereas, most similar products are only compatible with DSL or Broadband. The Skype phone even works with dial-up Internet connections. The sound quality is outstanding and the phone possesses the most up-to-date VOIP technology.

Using the IP-700M USB Internet World Skype Phone allows you to talk to anyone who also has the phone for free. Both parties simply need to download Skype and all subsequent calls are at no charge. If you wish to call someone who does not have the IP-700M, you can use the SkypeOut service to call them. Calls are only a couple of cents a minute.

Currently, the World Skype Phone comes in gray, red and silver. There is a very nice LCD display. The phone looks very much like your average cell phone, except that it is lighter because there is no battery pack. However, it does have a long cord. It has caller id and you can change the ring tone if you like. You will not be required to sign any contracts; there is no monthly billing and no fees required for setup. The IP-700M retails for about $37.00. Installation for the IP-700M is rather simple. You will need to install some software, create a free Skype account and use an USB port to plug it in.

For individuals who want to alternative to the cell phone, the IP-700M is a very good option. Even if most of your calls go to people who do not have the phone, you costs will only be a few cents per minute. You won’t be able to text, so if you are “texter”, then this is not the phone for you. However, you don’t have to sign a contract, you are not billed monthly and there are no set-up fees. The sound quality is good. All and all, the IP-700M should be a real consideration for those looking cut cost but not quality.

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