iPhone Application Store Anniversary

If you’re an iPhone owner you can probably then remember that proud day you walked out of the store with your new shiny toy in hand. But at the time, you were so filled with glee that you didn’t really care what it did or how it even worked. All you knew was that you held in your hands what could be considered one of the greatest pieces of technology this generation has ever seen. It did everything you could ever imagine a phone could do, and then some. But to revolutionize the product even more and bring it to an unimaginable level, Apple introduced the App Store. It was this handy little store that made everything on the iPhone possible. Now we can look back on the older generations of the iPhone and scoff at what seems to be just a phone with a few fancy bits attached. Now, it’s those fancy bits that make the phone what it is and without that revolutionary step that Apple took, we’d be stuck in the dark ages.

Applications have been available for smart phones for years. If you owned a Blackberry you could scour the web and find cool new things to do with your cell phone while on the move. But it wasn’t the fact that the apps weren’t available that made it a problem; there was no guarantee that the app would work or do what it said. You could spend hours hunting around meager sites looking for something interesting and intriguing and still come up short. When Apple introduced their store, they made things impossibly easy for customers to add things to their phone without ever having to worry if it’ll work or do its job. Apple made the promise to you that it would. And by testing each and every app before it went for sale on the Apple App Store, smart phone users experienced a new type of customer care.

The possibilities are truly endless with the iPhone App Store and as things continue to evolve, so will the store. Anyone and everyone can create apps for the store. Everyone from blog publishers to online stores is trying to cash in on the market of iPhone applications. While the official app store may be a bit strict in its picking and choosing of what apps get through and which ones get tossed to the dirt and ridiculed for being sub-standard, it can’t be said that Apple doesn’t try. They try and pick out the things that they think will legitimately help consumers and then guarantee that they will work seamlessly.

But for every great thing, something else comes along that promises to be better. Unlocking your iPhone opened up a whole world of doors for the developers that couldn’t get their products into the iPhone store. By bypassing Apple’s somewhat gestapo like grading system for new apps, developers could get the word out to anyone and everyone that wanted to listen by releasing their apps away from Apple. Unapproved Apple applications are just as notable as those that are. And while Apple may see jailbreaking the iPhone as a horrific crime, many users see it as yet another step forward.

Apple’s app store was a monumental step forward for smart phones and as more and more apps get released, things will get better and better. You may not fully remember the day when all you had on your phone was just a phone, but for those that do, seeing what phone technology is today compared to what it was back then, it’s impossible to argue that the Apple app store was a step backwards. It was most certainly a giant leap forward for users everywhere.

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  1. TechChunks says:

    Now I wonder if malware writers are taking this as a “sweet opportunity” to say “Hi” to “Apple” by coding those latest worms for iPhone. What a coincidence! 😛
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