iPhone mms update

The whole world was waiting for this iPhone MMS update where the users could use the MMS facility with their iPhones. This feature was available long back in July but the ATnT network could not handle the pressure of mms and thus had been shut off till now. Its 25 September and its about time, as the pacific, late morning time was scheduled for the much waited mms service will roll out anytime now for the Iphone users in the US.

So why such a delay? This was not the fault of apple, ATnT with its current network was unable to handle the mms pressure and was thus delaying, they updated their infrastructure and finally everything is all set. However, there are other problems on the ATnT network that are reported nowadays, which is something apple is really bothered and it might result in the termination of the exclusive contract of apple and ATnT.

Though its not released yet, but some users are being able to use it somehow, so its being said that the network is compatible and the users just have to tweak it if they want to use it right now, am happy to just keep patience though. However, due to the buzz created, it will surely crush the network, am pretty much sure that until the people relax and the buzz goes off, no one will be able to use it. One thing here to note is that this mms feature will be available in shifts so the pressure on the network might just hold it.

Lets keep patience and wait for the ATnT’s software update for iPhone 3g and iPhone 3gs customers that will enable the MMS feature. Apple had already added MMS for iPhone in 3.0 software, long back in June, and if the career supported then the users could use it.

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