IrfanView – Quite Simply Top of the Line

When we’re talking simple yet effective programs, it’s the time where it couldn’t get any better than Paint (Windows program). For the sake of directing you straight to the point, if you already haven’t done so, then now’s the time (that of course being to get a hold of IrfanView). There’s absolutely no reason for you to wait any longer in regards to having this program on your computer, regardless of what you tend to do on the computer.

IrfanView is a program that is filled with the most basic yet beneficial features to the user, with abilities such as cutting and cropping, editing (“painting”), image capturing, multi-tasking between images and hotkeys, just to name a few of the “wonders” that this image viewer/editor brings to the table. In addition to that, there’s also the convenience of plug-in support for most popular audio formats! This happens to be something that you wouldn’t see out of your average image processor program. I’ve been using this for quite some time, and at first, I was a bit skeptical even though things such as it being free, lightweight and so forth were right at my face simply because of the low memory that my computer happens to have, and also keeping in mind the fact that with a computer with only 256 MBs of RAM, you can only go to certain extents as far as performance is concerned.

Oh and, speaking of “lightweight” – it seriously doesn’t get any smaller than the file size for which is seen out of this program. The only “con” out of this program is none other than the interface; it’s as old-school as it can get – but I, for one don’t mind this at all given that it’s supposed to be a simple, comprehensive piece of software that does more than just “get the job done”. Above all, if you’re still using Paint, then now it’s safe to say that you’ve officially been enlightened on a better image processing experience!

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